Unconditional Mind

Today we will explore Mind vs. mind. You are accustomed to mind. This mind is what delivers the thoughts you consider to be your own to you. It’s the mind that is convinced you are acting of your own, separate volition and that you are separate from others. You are also accustomed to Mind because you recognize happy, loving, joyful thoughts. Those thoughts may seem personal. They may seem to come about because something good is happening in your life, but they are not. They are simply reflective of who everyone is. They are unconditional, but you may only permit yourself to hear them when conditions are what you deem to be acceptable.

When conditions are deemed by the false self to be unacceptable, you, identifying as false self, engage in a struggle against conditions. Or you cease struggle, but you bewail and lament instead. This is not a criticism of you. What you truly are cannot be criticized. That word doesn’t even make any sense next to who you truly are. It’s important to understand that. You are simply enacting out of habit. Can you see and feel yourself playing a habitual, reactive role? Can you allow that role to dissolve? Can you allow those habits to dissolve?

As we said, you are already accustomed to happy, loving thoughts. What you are not accustomed to is allowing Mind to run the whole show. You are not in the habit of allowing the loving thoughts to be heard all the time. You are not in the habit of abiding comfortably in the space of no-thought, simply there in the flow. The thought-ful voice wants to take over, define, and manage. Simply notice it. Watch it. Your observation is the light that dissolves it.

The Mind–the whole, unified and harmonious Mind–to which we refer is also known as the Christ mind. It is the loving Mind that contains all minds. There is no reason for minds not to relax into it, as it, but minds are endless factories of fearful reasons. Notice that about the mind you have become accustomed to calling your own. Simply watch the fearful reason manufacturing process. Become interested in it, curious. It’s ingenious, isn’t it? Very clever, very convincing, very thorough and detail-oriented.

You are Love. You are Mind. So is everyone else. The ego, or the fearful thought manufacturing process, needs a power source. It seeks to attach itself to you and to feed on you to guarantee its survival. Let’s have a talk with ego. Ego has its proper place that which gives you a name, an address, and an experience of a body. It is that which allows you to experience the flavor of differentiation as you encounter and appreciate different personalities. You can say to ego, “Thank you for my name. Thank you for the experience of the body. Thank you for what you enable me to share within the illusion. As for the rest of it, you deserve a long vacation. Mind will take over now, and you can rest. Thank you for all the work you have done over the years. Since you have always been held within Mind, ego, that shouldn’t disturb you in any way. Your more appropriate function of assisting in the delightful experience of differentiation should feel much better.”

In other words, no one is getting fired. Ego is simply being slotted into the role that was most appropriate for it all along. Ego can’t create. It can only make. So when you allow ego to fall into its proper role, you allow yourself to do the work that feels best for you–that of harmonious co-creation.

You can always tune into the oneness of Mind we all share. Simply use the breath. The modes used to reach the “where” of where we abide are simple for a reason. All complexity and difficulty is of the illusion. All else is very, very simple, so you can trust in the power of the breath.

Think of yourself. Now think of Divine Will. How did you define yourself in those moments when you thought of it? Divine Will can be carried out through you when you recognize that the Mind of the whole is your mind. You can tell if you are tuned into mind or Mind by how it feels. If you feel you are tuned into mind far too often, take heart. Everyone, without exception, is tuned into Mind for a portion of the day. You simply notice the feelings, the relaxation, the inspiration, and expand on that. More of that, and less of anything that blocks that. It’s that simple, and you are releasing what you don’t need. Remember that this process is active in you now.

When you have disturbed thoughts, notice that you are listening to an imposter mind. If you want to speak gently to ego about this, you can notice how overworked ego is. You can bring it a drink, a snack, a wonderful vacation package. You can encourage it to take a well-deserved rest. Ego has been working very, very hard. It’s okay to recognize that, say thank you, and move on.

When you allow disturbed or heavy thoughts to die down, you can hear the Christ Mind. The imposter mind, or the voice of ego placed in an impossible and unfair job–that is the voice you would use to block the voice of the harmonious and shared Mind. The voice of the shared mind isn’t always a voice. It can be a beautiful space of no-thought. Whichever form it takes, it feels good.

You can never be a victim, and you can never victimize anyone else, but here is where we can play these roles, accept these roles, believe these roles, and extend these roles. We can live these roles, if we wish. Or we can invite ourselves to set them down, to cease making them in our daily lives, and to stand where we all actually are when another invites us into a role.

Your awareness is always in your hands, because it is what we all share equally. Awareness is that space of equanimity that allows all things. Awareness is that space that knows whatever is needed for any situation is also contained within it. Awareness is. So are you. Love is. That is love. Can you feel the simplicity of that love? Drop your idea of love as an enactment for the moment. Just feel the simplicity of this. The breath takes you there. You inhale. You are there. When you exhale, you can stay there. You can stay there and still appear within the experience you are having.

You can use the exhalation as a service that is always there for you. The exhalation says, “In this moment, let me release any concepts or perceptions that do not serve the highest good.” The exhalation sweeps away anything that would keep you from remembering that you are here with us always, wherever you seem to appear.

The breath is always there for you. We are always here for you. Love is always here for you. You are love. We are love. Everything and everyone that appears in your experience is love showing up in a different form. It is up to you to judge them or not. Every breath returns you to the simplicity of that.

We, who do not need even the breath, celebrate the availability of the breath that washes you up on our shores–your shores–and cleanses you of all misperception during every moment of your experience.

Photo by 翔音 on Unsplash

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