Greeting you with joy

The Truth is within you. The Truth is within all others. The Truth is present and dancing in every cell of every being. The Truth is present and dancing in every molecule of every thing. Can you feel the stability, the continuity, the unity there? The shared awareness of this is what you are here to bring into being.

When you feel and know this to be true during every moment of your day, there is nothing at all to fear. When those around you begin to sense that there is nothing at all that you fear, they will find reason to drop their fears, too. If you feel that you are caught up in fear and contraction, take heart. You do spend time every day in this fearless state. So does everyone else. You are here to appreciate this in each other, to learn from each other, and to delight in each other and everything as fearlessness goes viral.

You are not here to struggle with the very illusions you make. You are here to awaken to illusion-making, to set that modality down without any expectation that any other should set it down before you, and to exult in the creativity that arises to take its place. All illusions are of the past. An illusion cannot exist in the now. Take a look at the now very carefully to see if this is true. We’ll wait–this is a joke amongst the timeless.

Illusions are neutral and powerless. You are here to be in your true and harmonious power every moment and to allow awareness of the now into the illusion. It ends up being a very simple job in the end. If it feels complex now, take heart. It will settle down.

We invite you to notice a sense of protectiveness and defense if it arises during your day. Just look at it. Ask yourself, “What am I trying to protect? Am I trying to defend a story about something? Am I trying to get somebody to believe something? Am I trying to prevent something from happening? How does that feel?” Do you spend clock time protecting and preserving illusions, stories? If you didn’t spend clock time doing that, what else would arise? Curiosity is all that is needed. You don’t even need to find an answer. Just ask the question and leave it open. Life will answer it for you.

When you’re busy trying to present things in a certain way or trying to get someone to see things in a certain way, whether it’s when you prepare your body for public viewing (otherwise known as “getting ready”) or when you’re engaged in conversation, what are you trying to hide? This is a good one to ask now and then when you sense an inner struggle to present things in a certain way. What am I trying to hide?

The illusion-making you do here is an effort to hide what you believe you have done from your creator. That’s why you feel a lack or unity or cohesiveness that can haunt you. That’s what sends you running after things or activities or relationship to numb that sense of lack of unity. You believe that you have successfully separated from your creator, and you believe you have done wrong in doing so.

Let’s remember truth:

  • It is impossible to separate from your creator.
  • It is impossible to do wrong.
  • Within illusions, which you make, it is possible to experience separation of one from another and it is possible to believe you have done wrong. It is also possible to believe others have done wrong, thanks to that separation trick we just mentioned.

Within the illusion, which is all-consuming, it is very easy to forget this, to react to the illusion instead of responding from the place of knowingness. You are here to remember. You are here to respond.

The illusion needs no protection. The illusion needs no preservation. You go into protect and preserve modes when you dwell in the past and on the future. You stay in your true power when you allow yourself to respond from the now–from sanity, from calm, from knowingness.

There’s no problem with allowing the illusion to dissolve because what has been underneath it all along is glorious–true heaven on Earth. There’s no need to hide from your creator within an illusion–to extend it and attempt to strengthen it, to argue for or against it. Your creator has always loved you, and you have never done wrong. There is nothing to take care of or fix or improve before you allow the illusion to dissolve.

Take responsibility for the act of projection. Say to your creator, without shame and without guilt, “Look what I did!” How do you think your beloved parent will react? Your parent can only do one thing–respond with love. That is all there is, you see. All else is illusion. Your parent will say, “You have had quite an adventure, haven’t you? Welcome home, my child!”

Your creator greets you with great joy. In saying this we say that the power of All That Is cleaves unto you with great joy, in full recognition of you as joy itself. In saying this, we say that truly, this is as it has been all along. You have never been separated from your creator. It has all been a dream, and it is safe to wake up and recognize yourself as one with All That Is, in conflict with nothing, flowing with All.

The Truth is within you, as it is within all, within every cell, within every molecule. Can you feel that constancy? Can you feel the truth that Truth is accessible to you at any time, expressible through you? It is always there, that very simple aliveness, that quality present in every molecule and cell.

We invite you to step forth in simplicity today, knowing the fullness of your worth and that of all others, knowing the truth of Oneness that is the foundation of your experience here. We delight as you step forth as a beloved expression of our Oneness.

Photo by Landon Martin on Unsplash

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