Emerging from amnesia

You are already free.

Now allow any reactiveness to that to float to the surface. You seem to become free through the process of releasing misconception, but the truth is that you are free. You are free to continue to act as if you are bound. Reactiveness there? That is who you aren’t. Allow it to float to the surface.

Irritants during the day? They are your divine triggers. Look what they are releasing into your awareness–your reactiveness. It has broken free and come out into the light. You can release it from there. There is no need to keep it. You are simply releasing what you have chosen to hold onto to obscure the peace you are and the peace you share with others. That was your objective–to have an experience that seemed to oppose harmony. You were successful.

We encourage you to allow all things. That doesn’t just mean allowing things you don’t like. It doesn’t mean willingly showing up in a victim role. It means transcending the victim role, and ceasing your projecting it out onto others. It means transcending the aggressor role and ceasing your projecting it out onto others. This is why we recommend the breath, the stopping, the awareness of what your thoughts are proclaiming. When you stop for the breath, for the stillness beyond all stories, you transcend the aggressor and victim roles. You cease your projecting of them into the past and out into the future.

Let’s take a minute to look at thoughts. We can drop this “your” nonsense. Thoughts enter the pristine field of your awareness. Each human has that same pristine field of awareness, and thoughts enter each field. They enter at your invitation. You are an individuated and very loved aspect of the whole. So are all others. They are not loved despite or because of what they are doing in the world right now. They are just loved, full stop. From a higher perspective (which is more linguistic nonsense, because this perspective is available to you always the moment you choose it, and it is neither higher nor lower) all are always carrying their roles out in perfection, every note.

From the perspective of the whole, each nuance and note of every role being carried out invites you into the dropping of the duality perspective because you are finally ready to put the toy down. There is always going to be an equal and opposite for each extreme of the duality you proclaim for just one or for just a group, be it positive or negative. You finally see this back and forth ride for what it is and put the skewed perspective down.

Allowing all things means wide open possibility, transformation, allowing all good and loving things without opposite, the setting down of burdens for all. Allowing all things means allowing the things you have been hiding from because you are accustomed to putting a dualistic perspective first. In putting a dualistic, egoic, fearful perspective first, you hide from love, but that is all you can ever do. Love is always there. All else seems to arise and pass away in illusion.

The mind that is free can allow spontaneous healing or many paths to healing, knowing that all are worthy. Accepting your present freedom means releasing mental blocks and allowing circumstance heretofore rare or unknown to manifest. The ego will kick in here with fear of all bad things happening along with the good. This is not what allowing is about. The “bad” things happening and the judgment of things as bad belongs to ego and duality. It belongs to your choice to experience something other than harmony, which you have done with great success and no negative judgment from us. Negative judgment belongs to the experience you sought out in curiosity and expansion.

What would it be like to return to the whole after believing I had left it? You’re about to find out.

Don’t be fooled by the suggestions of the ego you put in place to give yourself an experience of what wouldn’t be harmony. Can you see zero need for blame here? This experience you chose means expansion for all. When you expand as you return Home, we all expand.

You chose duality. You chose an attachment to egoic identity (yours and others’) to power it. As you wake up to what you did and you allow all assistance in allowing it to be undone, you remember. True power is unopposed, and you are that power. So is everyone else. It’s just that you’re still showing up in your disguises for each other, and those disguises are so very convincing. They tempt you into extending the egoic attachment, the commitment to dualistic experience.

The mind that is free recognizes itself as joined inextricably and harmoniously with all others minds in Mind. The mind that is free can allow all things because all things are only an appearance, and they are always instructive, always helpful, always serving the purpose of awakening and healing. Underneath there is always safety and order. When you see that, your experience of it expands because you have invited it.

The mind that is free can release all illusions. The mind that is free can manifest Reality. The mind that is free is touching all other minds across and beyond time and space. The mind that is free effortlessly shares remembrance with any mind in need of it.

You seem to acquire knowing over time, but that knowing is present everywhere, in every being, in every cell, in every molecule, present and active within the illusion. You can and may talk about it, but you activate it with your being and your willingness to see it manifested. You don’t pass knowingness on. It is already there, full-strength, everywhere. You simply jog memories.

Suit up. We’re going jogging, and we’re doing it together. As you allow us to assist you in remembrance, you emanate the frequency that assists all others in remembering, too. Thank your amnesia for the experience it gave you–the one you sought. And leave it behind as easily as clothes you don’t need anymore.

Photo by Bryan Minear on Unsplash

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