Allowing love to blossom

You’re on a trajectory. You’re on a trajectory toward many things that could be described, but we’re going to talk about the foundation of this trajectory. To see the basis of this trajectory is to open your eyes to its transcendence. It’s also to allow the trajectory (the life experience, the world experience) as it appears right now.

The foundation of the trajectory of you’re on right now is your allowance of it. There is nothing to fight because there is only love. When you understand that you can stop fighting your trajectory, the world’s trajectory, you extend a simple and immediate invitation to love. You invite that love that is to become apparent. You are now in the process of remembering that you can invite love at any time. You are in the process of remembering how to extend that invitation.

How you get there? Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter at all. There is no need for judgment. Indeed, your path “there” might include experiences you are very tempted to judge in order  to help you out of the pattern of judgment. All is helpful for everyone–be completely assured of this. All are headed in the same direction.

You are all headed in the direction of remembering the true, shared and harmonious Self. As you remember this Self, you release the imposter of the conflicted self (which has only ever been an idea you accepted), you trust the Self, and you allow the simplicity of who you are to run everything. This means that all self-protective and small-self-sustaining mechanisms fall away–jealousy, blame, embarrassment, shame, striving, criticism–all the the variations of fear, which is the protection of the false self.

When you remember your true Self, you can see it as the one who allows all things, including the choice for fear. You can see very clearly that you do have a choice, and as you see this choice, all becomes very clear. We direct you only to seeing that a choice is there and that you as you are–the Self–has this choice in each moment of time. You don’t have to make a particular choice. There is nothing you have to do. Can you step into this pressureless space? You simply have a choice, always–loving perception or fearful perception. All else follows from that. Just look at the choice and know that it’s there, and the rest takes care of itself. It boils down to a very simple question: Do I want to see myself as I am or as I am not? Do I want to see myself in others as I am or as I am not?

As you experience points of resistance during your day, imagine yourself getting down and kissing the ground in gratitude. We know this is a bit over-the-top according to your current perception, but we extend to you a challenge and an invitation. These are precisely the moments to view your choice–without any pressure to act or speak a certain way. We simply invite you to sit in the space of your choice.

When you sit in the space of your choice to know yourSelf through your small self and through all the other small selves, you are not pressuring yourself to act or speak in a specific way. You are merely open, without judgment, without blame. You are alert. You are attuned. You are All That. Go ahead an add the bag of chips if you want. With or without the bag of chips, everyone is All That. It only requires your recognition, and it is getting easier to bring that online, even and especially during moments of resistance.

The temptation in moments of resistance is to settle into irritation, blame, helplessness or struggle in a particular version of who you are. The invitation in moments of resistance is to see beyond that because you now know that circumstance has no actual hold over you. It’s a place to be curious, a place to wonder what could possibly come next. It is a transformational place beyond the bounds of the small self. That is why you thank points of resistance for giving you that opportunity to see. That is why you get down on the ground and kiss it in gratitude.

All resistance is resistance to who you are, to love, to the flow that is always there for you. So you know that when you feel resistance, you have a wonderful opportunity and invitation to simply allow the resistance to evaporate without regard for circumstance. When you do this, the door to your heart is open. When the door to your heart is open, the door to inspiration is open, because inspiration is what connects us all. When the door to inspiration is open, you are saying yes to the flow. When you are saying yes to the flow without defining any separate self–yours or another’s, you are abiding as you are–as love, as the Self of us all, expressed with the exquisite flavor of one individuation of the whole, equally as valuable and loved as all the other individuations of the whole, equally supported.

Can you delight in the resistance that comes and goes? Here is your lab coat. You are a scientist. You are engaged and curious about the nature of this resistance as it arises in humans. You are overjoyed to go on this journey of exploration. You are so lucky that this resistance arises in your very own experience of self because you have an opportunity to study it so closely. You feel it. You experience it.

Now a pause. Can you see why you chose this incarnation? Can you see why you would choose this planet, this opportunity to feel and experience the resistance, so you could allow it to melt?

Just-Julie here sharing the feeling of great joy from our teachers, but they say our equals. Turning it back over to them because I am hearing their expression of it…

You have allowed it! You and your readers–anyone joining in these transmissions, these sharings from Home, the common Home of us all. You are allowing the perception of the joy we feel in your remembrance. You are allowing the remembrance of why you would come here and experience these things. In that there is great forgiveness for everyone and everything. As your teachers, we say, “Well done!” But we also gaze upon you as the masters you are, adventuring into forgetfulness and emerging again. We’re just here to help you remember, and it our great joy to do so. When you expand, we all expand.

When we offered the lab coat, you truly appreciated the resistance you came here to experience, because you could feel the beneficial effect of your mission–you understood your mission as it is. You came here to be curious and inquisitive and delighted in the opportunity to enter that resistance matrix yourself so you could blossom and relax within it, thereby sharing the ability to blossom within the resistance matrix with others. Do you see? Do you feel? Do you remember?

One thing to notice about any form of resistance at all is that it comes with a story. Here’s a very helpful question for you: What comes without a story? Can you enter the space of that? When a lot of stories seem to be offering themselves to you in one moment, can invite yourself into the space beyond all stories, just for a moment? Can you be genuinely curious about what will arise after you vacation in the space beyond all stories for just a few moments?

Reaction tells you that you need to act now-now-now or else! Response waits and wonders and is curious. Response is not concerned about seeming slow or weird. Response has no separate self to maintain or protect. Response rejoices in the whole and how it can be seen and experienced in each individuated aspect of it.

You are like a gardener, cultivating the blossoming of love into your world. A wise gardener waits. A wise gardener does not see herself as apart from the garden, as imposing something wanted upon it. A wise gardener works with the garden to allow a reflection of love to emerge.

As you cultivate the garden of your human experience today, we invite you to notice the love already present and active everywhere. In the smallest of actions, the the smiles, in the moments of connection, in the willingness to assist and support, and yes–even directly beneath the surface of any experience of judgment, resistance and conflict. It’s always right there–waiting to be experienced, waiting to be seen, waiting to act and speak through you, waiting to merge with what you know to be yourself. The love has never been outside of you or any other.

When you drop–temporarily or forever–the concept that love exists outside of you, that anything you desire exists outside of or off-limits to you or any other, the door to inspiration is open. The door to your heart is open. The door to the experience of love is open.

More and more, you are venturing to drop identity and open this door a crack. More and more, you are understanding how it feels to leave it wide open. More and more, you are seeing fear as what it isn’t and allowing the experience of it to evaporate. It has all come about because of a small measure of willingness to remember Truth while still embodied within illusion.

We rejoice in our connection, and we invite you to experience it with all others-who-are-not-other today.

Photo by Kasper Rasmussen on Unsplash

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