Here comes the sun

Feeling is your guide. You can feel when you are powered by mind and when you are powered by Mind. When you allow flow from the nonjudgmental awareness that we are, there is no disturbance.

When you are engaged in separated mind, you can feel fears and defenses. When you are mistaking these fears and defenses for your identity, you can feel the tension in the speech and action that come from that perspective.

When you are caught up in a net of perceptions that don’t feel good, you want escape. You often attempt to project these feelings out onto others, onto situations, onto perceived fixed limits, out onto the world stage. This is all making, and this all happens at the level of the separate self.

When you are caught up in a net of perceptions that don’t feel good, it is important to know that you chose those perceptions and the experiences they gave. You preferred them to Truth, and every moment is a moment to state your preference. Do you want Truth above all else now? Or is there still some facet of conflicted perception that you prefer?

In allowing any particular thing–just for a moment–you begin to recognize that it has no true power to harm you. When you recognize this, you have declined fear’s invitation to run the situation for you. When you decline the reaction offered by fear, you can access the response offered by love.

Let’s slow this down. You are habituated to block your awareness of love’s presence in you, in all others, and in everything. When you encounter a circumstance you think you don’t like, there is judgment. This blocks your awareness of love’s presence. Negative judgment is a form of fear. This locks you into reactive mode, as it has locked the ones you look upon into a particular limited definition. You lock yourself in at the level of conflict by training your focus there, but you are never stuck there. If you remember that there is something beyond judgment and fear, you are free.

So look what you do. Let’s call the sun Love. You are very, very used to wearing sunglasses, hoods, standing under umbrellas and holding up whatever object is handy in order to block the sun out. You have a little flashlight you carry around, and you call that love. You make a big deal about this flashlight.

It seems like the simplest thing in the world to tell you, “Look, you are actually a sunbeam pretending to be unattached to the sun. Not only are you fully safe and helped in everything by taking off your protective covering, you are the sun itself.” But to you, the safety is the hood. It’s your sunglasses. It’s your perceived ability to block the sun out.

You say, “If I don’t put all my time and effort into the blocking the sun out, I, as an entity separate from the sun, will cease to exist.” Yes, this is true, but that entity was only a role, an idea, something you wanted to play with. It was never real. So you do stop pretending.

You are also very accustomed to doing as this perceived separate entity, so you say, “What is left to do if I stop trying to block the only real thing there is at all times?” You are frightened of disappearing, of boredom, of being stuck in some eternity of inactivity. Silly, baseless fears. As a sunbeam still embodied within a healing world, there is much to do. With the energy of the sun shining down upon you, as you, ceaselessly, there is no conflict in the doing of it, no effort spent blocking anything.

Sunbeam, remember. Remember that you chose this state of imprisonment for a particular effect, a particular experience, and you can choose again. The point is to regain your stability and knowingness to the point at which you are not dazzled or bamboozled by the very illusion you have been making. The point is to shed all that blocks the sun, to cease your illusion-making, and to allow the purity and flow of creation in which all share. As an individuation of the sun–the sunbeam–you fulfill a perfect function in the healing of the world.

When you allow all things, you allow the illusion to be as it is, acknowledging that you made it. You don’t fight it because you know that to fight the illusion is to continue the making action that keeps rehashing endless versions of disorder and disharmony. When you allow all things, you allow all possibilities, all inspiration. It means you’re wide open to the movement of the One. It means you trust harmony and are able to emanate and express it.

We do not ask you to trust us. We ask you to trust your Self, which encompasses all of us. We ask you to feel your power, which is always there under every pretense of powerlessness. We invite you into the flow beyond all struggle. We encourage you to allow what is beyond concepts of time and embodiment into the experience of time and embodiment.

All you have to do is not do that thing you have done for a very long time. Just don’t block the sun.

Photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash

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