Washing pain away

https://youtu.be/y782oiULWfo Every moment is a binary choice between illusion and Reality until you give up the burden of choice. If you have frequent experiences of mental or emotional pain, you are deeply habituated to choose in favor of the illusion. If you are accustomed to choosing in favor of the illusion, you have a belief … Continue reading Washing pain away

Interrupt ego

https://youtu.be/VRIfhvULfiA Things do not make you happy. Notice how often through the day that you believe a thing represents happiness. Each time you catch it, you can take a moment for reflection, a moment to remind yourself that you want to see clearly. Conditions do not make you happy. Notice how often through the day … Continue reading Interrupt ego

Your happiness is beyond all conditions

https://youtu.be/xKT-4gei-7Q You can delay having your perception corrected for as long as you want. You made time for the purpose of denying what Is. You were never able to damage what Is, but you were able to forget it almost entirely. Forgetting it totally is not an option that you have. There is no reason … Continue reading Your happiness is beyond all conditions

The messenger of happiness

All things are perfect and supposed to be here, even and especially if it doesn't appear to be that way. If it appears in your experience, seemingly near or far, it is here to teach. When you remember that all things are one thing, then each thing is a call to remembrance in some way. … Continue reading The messenger of happiness