Bring it on!

We invite you to some bold words: Bring it on.

We invite you to them in this sense: There is nothing to fear. As we remind you of this, we invite you to allow yourself to feel when you are living your life in resistance or prevention mode. Are you ever thinking ahead to things you need to prevent? What if your energy isn’t needed there?

We invite your playfulness. The next time you find yourself in prevention mode, otherwise known as time travel (leaping ahead in time), try on instead our bold words: Bring it on! We want you to bring it on because you truly have nothing to fear. There is no thing–no separate thing–to fear. When you are in prevention mode, notice how you have separated one thing out from unity and are leaping ahead in time to do battle with it. Unnecessary. You are fully worthy of simply basking now.

Let’s pick out a separated concept people time travel in order to battle: Cancer. People spend clock time attempting to prevent cancer. We’re not claiming this is wrong. If this feels like all kinds of right to you, then it does. We simply ask you to know how this action feels.

We suggest to you that you all need cancer as an experience and an opportunity until you don’t anymore. When you can say, “Bring it on!” with enthusiasm and love, you know you truly have nothing to fear. Notice how cancer is a concept you have chopped off and separated out in order to fight with it. This is not wrong. This is part of your experience here, but you have also asked to learn new ways. This is a new way. Integrate cancer back into the herd. Bring it back into unity with all that is.

There. Can you see a separate thing called a cancer when you do that? When you see All That Is, together, excluding nothing, shining brightly, can you exclude anything? No, you can’t. It’s All That Is, and all experiences are held safely within it. All experiences have a purpose, and it’s to return you to the awareness of your Self.

So bring it on! There is no experience in your future that you have to fear. When you step forward in this way, you also invite all the joy. Whenever you’re trying to prevent something, you are acting is if there is cause for fear, and when you believe there is real cause for fear, you have no time for joy.

So bring it on! Bring on all of it. Bring on the joy! Don’t be careful. Be cared for. You already are. You already have been. You might as well live in recognition of the truth. You are not walking upon a tightrope. There are nets upon nets upon nets upon nets to support you through all experience, so bring it on!

Bring it on. Bring any of it on, because it’s all the same, and it’s all fine. There is great love for the world here in the space of allowing, glorying in what is, feeling the exhilaration of flinging the door to your heart open. It’s falling in love with all that appears to be because you can see All That Is shining behind each aspect of it. What couldn’t be a very loving aspect of All That Is? Nothing at all! There is great freedom here.

When you’re in this space of joy and celebration of what is, you are abiding in the space of no resistance, and it’s a very safe place. When you abide in this very safe place, you can see how well others are cared for, how the circumstances and events they have called to themselves are for them, and all is well. From this place, if you can be of service to another, it is easy for you to show up in clarity and with love. This feels very different from obligation. This is service that springs naturally and easily from freedom.

Now go back to the feeling of resistance for a moment. Approach it like the scientist you are. Do you feel that tension, that attempt to keep something away? It’s a pushing energy. Resistance is playing whack-a-mole on the surface of experience, and it feeds drama in your life and in your world. We remind you that drama and the experience of not-joy is something you chose from a place of freedom, so there is not a problem with playing whack-a-mole. But here we are, reminding. We remind you that we all agreed we would show up in your life to be of assistance to you when you tired of the whack-a-mole game, and here we are. All is perfectly in place.

So, what? So bring it on!

If challenging experience is what comes next, know that you called it to yourself, and for very good purpose. You are fully worthy of the gift it brings. All serves you. If joy and bliss are what comes next, you are fully worthy of them. They the gift undisguised. This is the gift you have to share with all others. This is the gift all other have to share with you. It’s always the same gift–just different forms.

If you still live with your brakes on, you’re calling forth that which will show you how to flow with the beauty and glory of all that truly is. Bring it on!

Photo by David Wirzba on Unsplash

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