Just look

Why are you in the place you seem to find yourself? What are you doing? You’re here to consciously allow knowing into your experience. This means you’re going to abandon all the misleading secondary sources and allow primary source information to flow through you at all times. You can experience this as beautiful thoughts or as the state of no-thought. While you might “hear” or be aware of egoic thought, it won’t register as significant or remotely true. It will be more like an advertisement you can hear but are very unlikely to act upon.

We’re saying “will be” because you are still acting as if egoic thought comes from a reliable source. You are still clinging to fear and calling it safety, calling it order, calling it normalcy. But you have learned so much. You have taken so much on board and have consciously dismantled the structure that supports ego. There are many, many ways you used to operate egoically that are not even remotely possible for you now. But still you cling to fear. You don’t have to struggle to stop. Just look at it. Looking is enough. Looking is everything.

The world is a mirror. It reflects back to you what you think you are. But when you come to know what you are, fully, then the world must reflect that back to you. The world reflects back to you your beliefs, your expectations. What are you still believing? What are you expecting? Again, just look.

You thought the world was real and solid, outside of you, and you still treat it that way. You treat it as if it could be a threat, and so it obliges you. It shows up that way. Now imagine the simplicity of the love you are as it perceives this world and knows that it is only a mirror. Imagine yourself allowing the love you are to be reflected back to you in great simplicity, in great beauty. Why not? Notice all the why-nots that arise, and notice also that in those moments you are giving the world you project a weight it has never had.

So now, we return to the obvious–the obvious that is so easy to say and so easy to forget. The world is and always has been within you. And because you are love, and nothing else, that means it is and always has been encompassed by love. That means that what you are always encompasses all, always holds it very lovingly. We invite you to recall this in a moment when you have attached to stress. You really don’t need to say anything, although you might. The most important thing is to reconnect to this awareness that the situation you find yourself in is surrounded by love at all times. Just remember how safe you are.

The world is an experience you give yourself. You call the experience to you through thought. You are fully worthy of experiencing the good, the holy and the beautiful unceasingly. You are fully capable of calling nothing but this to yourself, right now.  And if an experience you called to yourself seems to be less than good, less than holy, less than beautiful, we challenge you to find those things within it anyhow. Simply sit and ask to see how that experience invited you to the beautiful heart of you–that beautiful heart of creation you share with everyone. Ask to see it and it will be seen.  Once you are able to see the good, the holy and the beautiful in everything, in everyone, then the good, the holy and the beautiful will be able to show up in your experience in more obvious ways.

Fall at your own feet. Fall at the feet of your sisters and brothers. Thank yourself for every experience you have called to yourself as you journey Home. Know that as you approach each experience with an open heart and a willingness to know the truth, you will always be cared for and supported. There is nothing you have to manage or earn. We abide with you, at ease because we know our worthiness is yours and always has been.

Photo by Mark Harpur on Unsplash


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