Phenomenality serves healing

You are eternal.

If you are eternal, then so is everyone else. That’s how it works. We draw your attention back to this very basic truth. When you are focused upon what seems limited, pan the camera back to what is true. The eternal has no limits. The eternal has no conflict.

Remember also that  when you are experiencing conflict or limits, when you seem to struggle against them–you have called that experience to yourself. You can also call the remembrance of eternality to yourself, and that is as simple as abiding with us, as abiding as who you truly are.

Eventually, the perception of eternality eclipses the perceptions of conflict and limits. That is the purpose of time now. Time’s purpose used to be to keep the illusion running. Now time’s purpose is to extend peace until time itself is overcome. That peace is extended through you, because peace is what you are. Once you see this, you can see peace extended through your fellows in the smallest and most ordinary of ways. It is always beautiful to behold.

You are innocent. This is a very easy one to remember. Anytime you are focused upon what seems to be lack of innocence in another and you wake up to that, take this as a divine message. Somewhere, somehow, you believe you lack that same innocence that is fundamental to the true identity of all. You are here to see through that–to simply see through.

So when you believe you are seeing lack of innocence in another, call upon us. We are here to assist. Ask that we help you see a way in which you believe you lack innocence. Ask for our help in accepting corrected perception. Having this experience–the one in which you believe somebody else lacks innocence–is the key to releasing your pain. Releasing your pain–that which identifies you as separate–is key to seeing their innocence. We assist you in seeing through pain to the place where all are joined.

What you are has never been damaged by phenomenality. Phenomenality is what happens. Allow every aspect of it to serve your full awakening. If you allow this, you assist many others in releasing their pain and remembering who they are. Phenomenality was originally made to consistently distract you from the truth of who you and all others are. It’s very effective! But it’s not foolproof

With our assistance, you can use phenomenality as the springboard to not only bring full awakening to yourself, but to also share it with others. This is why phenomenality is always perfect. It is a means of reaching you.

So within phenomenality, you experience thoughts. Thoughts either reflect Reality or they tempt you to believe otherwise. You are here to see through the temptation of all disturbed thought. When you do this, you remove disturbance from your world. You extend peace in its place. It is no small thing. When you accept our perception correction related to the purpose of thoughts, you have the opportunity to share great love with all. What you share with all is what you experience.

If you are experiencing something that doesn’t feel good, there is no need to blame yourself, especially since a separate you is a figment of your imagination. Not necessary, right? A waste of time. So when you are experiencing something that doesn’t feel good, we encourage you to throw a party. At least for the span of one breath–celebrate and congratulate yourself. Being willing to feel how things feel is key to allowing your experience to become a conduit for peace.

Some of the things you thought felt good–well, they really don’t. And the more you are willing to see this, the more you are willing to clean up. This is the true toxic waste clean-up. So you give yourself that one-breath party because you succeeded in noticing how you feel. Since this is cause for celebration, you have no need to blame anyone or anything, but you can get to work clearing perception. We are joking about getting to work. It is, of course, more of an allowing. Hop up on our massage table. Allow us to do our work. Notice over the next few days or weeks how your perception alters. Whatever seemed to cause you to notice that you didn’t feel good–that was a gift. When you are willing to accept our help in responding to all disturbance, you always reach a point of sincere gratitude for the gift you were given.

You came here to allow the world to transform. It is no small thing, and it is also the simplest thing in the world. The toughest thing about letting go of complexity is realizing that you never needed it. All of your needs are met, and they always have been. It is only in your perception that you have chosen differently.

What will you agree to see today?It is always our great honor and privilege to assist you in seeing the great simplicity and beauty of what you and all others truly are.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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