Return to Harmony

You have a constant resource available to you. We ask you to remember this today when you believe there is any lack, any trouble, or any reason for unhappiness. There is a resource you can access that carries you beyond any idea of lack, trouble, or unhappiness, and all are fully worthy of accessing that resource right now. It’s invisible. So to sum up, your job is to access an invisible resource all of the time, and to help other minds find the way to do the same.

When you are depending upon the resources of a fictional character, you feel stress. When you are depending upon the resources of the character you are playing, no wonder you play small! You have all possible resources available to you in every moment, as do all. In order to abide in this abundance, you have to look right through the story of your character and the stories of all other characters. That’s all they are–just stories. The stories do no have the power to limit anyone unless you decide that they do. Each moment is an opportunity to decide again. Think of the words moment and opportunity as synonyms.

All minds are one, and any mind can allow the Oneness to control it. Remember that all minds are One, but you have convinced yourself,  through a fictional storyline, that you are a character with separate control. Your mind is still being controlled. It’s just that you have allowed the fictional entity of ego to control it. All minds are under control. There is no true independence, but you can grant yourself an experience of independence through belief in ego thought.

If you allow the Oneness to control your mind, you are allowing a switchover from an invented form of control to what has always been active underneath that. It’s just a question of what you allow yourself to perceive. Are you willing to allow yourself to perceive the Harmony that has always been active under the fiction of egoic mind control ?

Your mind is returning Home to Harmony. This is the destiny of all minds, and as they return they light up a quicker and easier path for the minds who will return next. There is no reason to fight the inevitable. Because Harmony is the only Reality, the invention of disharmony can only be temporary. Disharmony cannot ever be eternal. You are simply returning Home to the eternal. Whenever you feel struggle in your life, you are actually struggling against this return, but the struggle is not necessary. There is an ever-present resource, always there, that will help you. Simply stop your thinking, go within, and allow a reset.

When a mind has returned to Harmony, any doing is done by the Oneness. There is no sense of strain or struggle. This flow of Oneness is always available to you, and you are always worthy of it. Will you allow the flow of Oneness to take over? You can continue to experience struggle if you wish. Oneness is allowed. In other words, Oneness just Is, and it is Eternal. The only way you don’t experience it is if you are blocking it out. We are here to show you how to stop fighting what you Are and always have been.

Remember our ever-presence and our constant Love today, and allow all perceptual blocks to be washed away.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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