You will wake up in 5, 4, 3, 2…

You are getting sleeeeepy. You are getting very, very sleeeeeeepy…

Just kidding. You’re already hypnotized. More and more, we invite you to view your experience of the world through the lens of hypnosis. What you are seeing is the result of this hypnosis. Within this experience of hypnosis, you can ask that everything you see and experience comes to you in the service of full awakening for all. Simply affirm and reaffirm this whenever you remember. You can choose an illusion that guides you out of the illusion or an illusion that keeps you enmeshed in the illusion.

In hypnosis, you are guided out. This experience is no different. Simply open yourself up to the idea of ever-present guidance, and remind yourself that this is what you prefer. You prefer something over and above continuing the illusion in a form of mock stability, and it is this: Guidance out toward true stability, a stability that can be shared with all.

In a group hypnosis, all can be called out together, at the same time. It’s not the job of one of the hypnotized to perform the call to awaken. However, others can hear the call to awaken through you, but only if you are following the call to awaken. This call to awaken is guidance, and it is ever-present. Make it more real in your sight than anything five senses would suggest to you.

We always tell you that whenever tension arises it’s an opportunity, so why not say it once more? When that tension comes up, it’s in invitation to look beyond the hypnosis of the five-sense experience. Nothing based on the five-sense experience is to blame for that tension. The tension simply tells you that you are misperceiving.

All you need to clear up that misperception is intent. We’d like to give you simple statements upon which to focus:
I’d like to wake up.
I want to see things clearly.

Ask and it is given. Keep asking for the only thing you could ever lack, which is clear perception. No need to ask for tweaks and adjustments to the illusion. Simply ask to see what is Real.

Affirming your willingness helps your willingness to expand. Allowing your willingness to expand makes it easier for you to let go of stubborn thoughts and beliefs that hold the illusion in place.

Here’s to the dissolution of the false, of all that never has been, in the love and the light we are!

Photo by Mohdammed Ali on Unsplash

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