The peace of joy arising

Think of a defensive cry of innocence: “I didn’t do anything!”

This is actually true. It’s not possible for you to do anything. You seem to do things. You believe you do things as an independent entity, and you believe that a separate you has control over a doing. This is part of the fantasy you have chosen, the one you are relinquishing in favor of seeing and knowing Truth.

There is no need to fight an idea of doing. You just let the apparent doing flow through you. With no worry over outcomes and no sense that you need to push a particular agenda or another, can you see very simply how all things are given to you, how it is easy to carry out what is given to you, and within this fantasy, all apparent resources are given to you as needed?

Easy. We want you to remember the ease within the fantasy of dis-ease.

When you decide that you really want to Know, that you want to remember, that you want Truth and nothing else…there is nothing else. More and more you see this. You feel this. So as you allow yourself to see that there is Truth and nothing but Truth, all concern drains away. All concern drains away because you are the protected, and you are protected by the remembrance that protection was never possible or necessary because there has never been anything to defend itself. Fantasy gets seen as fantasy, and it is allowed to melt away. This is the basis of forgiveness–the Truth that there is nothing to forgive.

This is the truth of forgiveness. All always have been forgiven–given All–because not a single one has ever done wrong. Only in a fantasy. Never in Reality. Wrongdoing is not possible in Reality.

If we were teachers and you were our students, we would have you write this 100 times on the board for remembrance, not for punishment: Wrongdoing is not possible in Reality.

But we’re not really your teachers, and you’re not really our students. Those are the roles we’re playing, though, and all is well. All is well, as illusion unwinds to reveal All.

Your presence is our presence. When we speak of presence, we speak of allowing Truth to come into the illusion. So in your presence, which is ours, the illusion is allowed to fall away. This means that you will notice more peace, radiance and joy in your physical presence. You will notice more peace, radiance and joy in the world you are projecting due to your mind-to-mind connection with all beings across time and space.

We have said all along that this remembrance of the Love you are, this release of illusion, this total forgiveness, is a very kind virus, and now you get to watch it spread. You need not have any expectation. Just enjoy. And when you hit a nugget of contracted perception, you know what to do. You were made for this! Simply refer back to what we are, and allow it to dissolve. You seem to be doing this, but you are expansion and flow. There is no personal pressure here.

Enjoy as the sense of personal pressure dissolves and the peace of joy arises.  We are with you because it could never be otherwise.

Photo by Ali Abdul Rahman on Unsplash

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