Choosing harmony

You think in terms of thingness now, so we still speak in terms of thingness.

There is only one thing, and that is Love. Since there is only one thing, you must be that one thing. If you are not, you are cut off from all creation.

There is no possible way to be cut off from all creation because you are creation. This applies to your fellows, but only always, only in every situation.

In every situation you find yourself in within this illusion, there is the potential for conflict. There is also the potential for recognizing and celebrating true identity.

You’re all undercover angels, until you’re not. Once you recognize the cover and its meaninglessness, you rediscover your angelic nature. Once you recognize the angelic nature of any one, be it one of your fellows or yourself, it is the starting point for allowing yourself to see the angelic nature in all. When you see it, you invite it into remembrance. You invite it out to play.

This is only true all the time, for all of the time that remains.

In your world, some seem to cling to notions of hell. Hell and conflict are synonyms. The back and forth torment of duality is something you chose and something you continue to choose. Only now you’re much closer to understanding the decision. You’re allowing yourself to feel the pain each time you choose for the hell of conflict over the harmony of Heaven, each time you choose to handle things as a separate self rather than as a fully unified aspect of peace.

When you show up as the Peace you and all others are, you invite the world to you for healing. When you dive into the illusion as if you must do something within it, as if someone else could be wrong, as if something could be wrong, you bring a sense of conflict to a hell that never existed.

Hell is not possible, but is is possible to make a simulated experience of what is not possible. We invite you to see through the unreality of the simulation in every moment. Our job is to assist with clear seeing. Call upon us in any moment of conflict to assist with our purpose and yours. No earthly condition is an actual problem, but your reactiveness to earthly conditions shows you where you are keeping the simulation in place out of fear. Allow us to assist with clear seeing, and you will release simulation as the nothingness it has always been.

Available for you in every moment is the love that helps you through this illusion with ease and peace. When you take advantage of this help throughout the day, you make its presence more apparent to others.

The only thing you need do is become aware of your willingness to have the perceptual blocks to ever-present love removed. Pretty much the only thing you do that causes what you call negative experience or conflict is this: We ask you if we can remove a block to perception. You say, “No, thanks. I’ll handle this myself.” We invite you to handle all things with us, as us, in harmony with us. You might as well, since harmony is what you are, what we always have been together.

Today, may you abide in the Love we are and invite the world to you for healing.

Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

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