Questioning the illusion

Today we focus upon your willingness to release the old, to let go of habits, to see things differently because you are looking upon what is Real. We’re going to take a slow and careful look at what happens when you don’t feel good and why this alert system of feeling is a very good thing.

If you are going to release something physical, you must stop holding onto it. If you’re going to release a mode of perception based upon illusion, it’s useful to see where you are attached to illusion. Every time you don’t feel good, an aspect of your attachment to illusion is being highlighted for you. This is a very good thing. You’re being shown exactly where to focus.

If you focus on the illusion, though, instead of your attachment to it (which is what the alert is for), you stay lost in illusion. So let’s say you’re irritated in traffic. If you really and truly believe it’s because of traffic, then you stay attached to illusion. That’s just a story, but it’s a story that you are giving power to victimize you and others when you attach to it. If you experience victimization, it is always through your own choice, because you are the one who chooses for illusion over and over again.

When you are ready to see things as they are, however, not-good feelings simply let you know that you are treating an illusion as if it is Real, and you are giving it power over you. It’s a game of pretend that you keep repeating. So you’re in traffic. You’re irritated. You’re starting to recognize that it’s not really because of the traffic, but it’s still pretty believable that outside circumstances could have that effect on you. You are so used to that pattern. What now?

If you are holding onto a physical object, a tool, in order to release it you must pause. You must interrupt what you were doing with the tool, stop that activity. There is a gap in your action, and then you allow the object to be taken from you. In this case, what you’re being given the opportunity to release every time you don’t feel good is misperception. When you don’t feel good, the tendency is to blame or to escape through pursuit of something illusory. This just keeps the projection of a world of suffering going.

So when you don’t feel good, use time to give priority to that helpful feeling and the invitation it brings. Stop activity. Stop illusion-based thinking. You think it’s about traffic, but on a deeper level, you know it’s not. So you stop the thinking about traffic. You look underneath. You can see that when you empower the traffic-based thoughts, you keep yourself from releasing misperception, from releasing attachment to illusion.

Does traffic have power over you? If you are attached to the storyline of the body, it seems to be so, but you are not a body. If traffic has no power over you, what does? You are power, so there is only power with, only flow, but the storyline contradicts that. Each time the storyline contradicts what you and others are, you should feel bad. You should have an alert that tells you that you have an appointment with healing.

Healing is what you need when you give an aspect of the storyline power over you or anyone else. That’s willing victimization, and that projects out a world of further victimization. You are not doing wrong, because this is not a true doing. It’s a chosen perception and a chosen experience. When you can see clearly what you are choosing, you can choose again.

So you feel irritated in traffic. You know you are receiving an alert. You know you have an opportunity to accept healed perception. You know this is a very good thing. Circumstances are conspiring to help you.

You have this habit of referring to the illusion over and over and over again as if it is real. You have this habit of looking to your interpretation of the illusion for definitions and next steps. You allow that to come from the personality structure. But now you’ve received an alert, and you’re ready for something different. This is a good time to remember our presence. We are right there, always ready to help you out, and it is our delight when you allow it.

Circumstances don’t need to change for you to feel better. People don’t need to change. What helps you feel better is accepting the healed perception we can give you.

So you realize something doesn’t feel right, and you can see the ego’s story about traffic. You know there is a temptation to stay attached to illusion there. You could quite easily believe it’s about traffic, but something deeper calls. You pause. You stop.  You realize the feeling is because you were referring to the illusion define things, and you were asking an illusion–the ego–to guide you. Luckily, that doesn’t feel good.

This is where we come in. We are willing to remove this mode of perception. You only need to release your grip on it. Today we ask you to look at those petty irritants and to recognize each time that they can help you out of your predicament. Watch the attachment to the storyline. Question it. Ask to see what is real.  It will get easier and easier to see that you don’t have to cling to something that isn’t real.

When you see this, you begin to listen for another voice, one that comes from beyond the storyline to guide you out of it, to show you the way out of a habitual reliance on suffering. We thank you for using this day to observe attachment, to see it for what it is, and to recognize that you always have a choice. By the merest desire to reach for what is Real instead of what the illusion is telling you, you allow guidance to become stronger and stronger until there is no difference between you and the guidance.

We love you. Welcome Home.

Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash

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