A thin tissue of lies

You have been lying to yourself. This is good news. It is good to know such a thing, to be able to admit it, to look at it.

Pay attention. Every time you feel fear, this is you attempting to hold onto lies you never needed. You can stop kidding yourself that fears are about the physical. The physical is the very smokescreen you are using to hide from the awareness of what you are.

So be fascinated by that fear when it arises. There is no need to run away from it. Look at this. This is what I do to hide from what I am. Let’s look at it. And it melts. Fear cannot stand up to genuine curiosity, a sincere willingness to know.

You make fear about the physical, and then you have a reason not to really look at it, to react to it, to be distracted away from it. Now you have an opportunity to simply meet it in curiosity whenever it comes up, to meet it with a genuine willingness to accept healing for yourself. You can heal when you stop using fear as a tool, a defensive shield, a way of hiding.

Lies don’t feel good. When you make feeling primary, you can feel when you are lying to yourself. If you are lying to yourself, what is the truth? Just genuine curiosity and willingness to remember–that is all that is needed. We are always here to assist.

The not-good feelings have nothing and zero to do with the body you call your own, conditions in what you call your life, conditions in what you call your world. Zero. Nothing. All of that is a distraction. There is not one scrap of it that isn’t. If you take responsibility, you remember that not-good feelings arise because you are denying your Self. When you are denying your Self, call upon us. That is why we are here with you.

Bodies and world conditions take care of themselves quite nicely when you are willing to allow your perception to change.

So looking at fear that arises in reaction to anything at all, you fear what may come if you let go of the lies. You’re afraid of destruction of what you call your self. Your self has never truly existed. It is a smoke screen you dreamed up to conceal your true identity because you fear punishment for what you think you have done. You think that in making this world you have separated from your creator, but that was never possible.

You are still one with your creator. You have never done actual harm. No one else has ever done actual harm. You have dreamed a scary dream, and you are still dreaming it. When you give the dream over to who you truly are, the dream loses all its nightmarish qualities. It is our joy to assist you in the release of the dream, in recognition of Reality.

Longing. Tune into that feeling of longing for a moment. You are longing for the return of the awareness of true identity. That’s all any longing is. It’s always the same longing. No matter what form you think you are longing for, it is the return of the full awareness that you are love and that you are held in love that you truly want. We are here to assure you that what you have always longed for is underneath all the lies.

Feel free to jump for joy when you discover a lie, a feeling that doesn’t feel good, because we are right there to help you undo it. When you make the undoing of lies the first order of business every day, the rest of the dream life takes care of itself.

This is a journey of remembrance and rediscovery, and we thank you for fulfilling your function.

Photo by beliefzt on Pixabay

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