Full awareness of unity

https://youtu.be/L6UgD83S6iI Unity is trust.¬† You are unified with All That Is, and that can never be changed, no matter what you are enacting on the surface. You can trust the Love that All Is, beyond everything else that seems to appear. You are accustomed to relying on logic. We can work with that. We can … Continue reading Full awareness of unity

Repost: Dance with other minds

I'm still going to receive a message today, but I felt drawn to this one first and wanted to share. I just noticed that I received it almost exactly a year ago. Two days after that, there was a school shooting in Parkland, Florida. This perspective really helped me see the opportunity we have when … Continue reading Repost: Dance with other minds

Filling in the gaps

Where do you perceive wrongdoing now? Where do you perceive wrongdoing out in the world, amongst the people in your life, in yourself? Congratulations, you are looking upon sacred sites. You are looking upon places where great transformation can occur, where ancient hate and confusion can be met with love, dissolved, dried up and blown … Continue reading Filling in the gaps

You have always been connected

You can feel tension between people. You can feel the edges of personalities and the back and forth of the struggle for dominance, the struggle to be noticed, the struggle to be accepted. You can feel the back and forth struggle of ones that don't know they are fully accepted and loved right now. You … Continue reading You have always been connected

Dismantling the structure of suffering

The small-r reality of this dimension is that there is the experience of that which is unlike love. There is the experience, pasted on top of the peace in which you have always abided, the full love and acceptance that has always been yours (and everyone else's) just because you Are. When you experience that … Continue reading Dismantling the structure of suffering

The unwinding

All is mind. Think of that for a moment. All experience is generated by mind, and there is only the one mind. Pretty amazing, isn't it? What's more amazing to us is that you can be so distracted by the experiences you're generating that you forget the essential truth of you and all others. Kind … Continue reading The unwinding

Celebrate our union

Think of a state of non-attachment. What could you possibly be attached to? Only what isn't. The things that Are--love, compassion, joy, truth, power, harmony--they are You. You are not attached to them. You¬†are those things. They cannot be detached from You because they are your very Self. So the only thing it is possible … Continue reading Celebrate our union

You’ve never done anything wrong

Notice for a moment the desire to control something. Go into that vibration for a moment. Who wants to control? Who is that entity that believes it lacks control, that believes it is in a state of want? You can see yourself through the lens of that separate entity that thinks it lacks. You can … Continue reading You’ve never done anything wrong