All are innocent

Nothing–no separate thing–can threaten you. We hear you laughing. You try being embodied, you say. The cars coming at you are very realistic! So let’s sit in appreciation for a moment, looking together at the matrix of experience, of possibility, you have made. We are saying made versus created, and that is the difference between believed and experienced and simply Is. Look at how remarkable it is to believe that you can be harmed. To believe that you harm. To believe that you can die. None of these things is possible, and yet they appear to happen in your chosen dreams.

Let us go, you said. Let us go into the dream and help our dear siblings to emerge from it.

Am I hearing you correctly? Because when I tune into what comes next, I’m hearing the Earth experience referred to that “that mess,” and you don’t usually sound judgmental.

Chaos is probably a better term. Before you incarnated here, you knew you were going into chaos, into great confusion. You were willing to temporarily forget the joy we all are and to enter an experience where what isn’t and has never been possible seems possible. In fact, it seems to rule the world. This is why we laugh when there are those of you who do not like amusement park rides. You are on the biggest amusement park ride there is!

Before you incarnated, you knew that you would rediscover the power you are and to share that power with others. You knew that the primary means of sharing would be emanation, simple, vibrational mind-to-mind communication. As we’ve said before, your writing serves a purpose. It bathes you in remembrance. It offers a chance for others awakening to bathe in that same remembrance for a time, and it also calls them to the ease of communication with the Whole available to everyone.

But more important than this is simple emanation–what you’re thinking, how you see things, how you’re vibrating, what you’re sharing with all minds across time and space every hour of every day. There is a menu of frequencies available to you. Children are very helpful in demonstrating the ones you’re missing that are available right now–the playful, the light, the open. When you feel into this menu of frequencies, yes, there is one that seems to be labelled mind control. It seems to be other. You feel a sense of caution around it.

So let’s pan the camera back, back, back so you don’t allow fear to cloud your vision. Whatever seems to be other and harmful in your current world experience, you did it. This is responsibility, not blame. It’s power, not burden. The power you are is alive in everyone, without exception, and waking up from a dream of mind control is as easy as waking up from a dream of walking in a garden. So just as an experience of physical death is not only on the menu, but a current requirement of the Earth experience, mind control is also on the menu of experience. You chose the whole enchilada. You chose an experience where it could appear that some were the controllers and some could appear as the controlled.

When you’re going to slip out of the noose that was never a noose, an eye for subtlety is helpful. The most important thing to see is that you have always had and have always been the power that it appears others took away from you. Yes, we are speaking of a future time when there will be revelations about what has been done to you as a collective. And we want you to forgive it all now. Right now, and send the vibrations of this through the collective.

On a personal note, I’m vaguely aware of the mind control that is being referred to here, but only vaguely. I think the fact that I never delved into it and learned the behind-the-scenes story will be helpful in letting it go. We all have a perfect function to fulfill here, so if you (the reader) know more about it than I do, then that is as it should be.

Yes, all life circumstances are perfect in this way. They have set each one up perfectly for the roles they are about to play. We will always say this: It couldn’t be more perfect, and that includes the roles of the Bad Guys.

So look at this drama to end all dramas. It is quite a pageant, quite a tableau, is it not? Look at all the costumes, all the roles. Look at those Bad Guy roles. You have the opportunity to see each Bad Guy as the divine soul she is, as the being of light he came here to remember he is, right here, right now. In doing so, you send a message of love, forgiveness and remembrance into that one’s soul, right now.

We have shown you some visuals of how this mind-to-mind connection affects things. We’ve shown you some of the sweet ones. We’ve shown you how one working in the employ of the “Bad Guys” is suddenly overtaken by the intense desire to knit. It takes over until they are no longer able to perform their job. And then they ease into a much softer existence, inviting other minds as they go. Whether you are performing the role of Bad Guy or looking at and judging and feeling subject to the role of Bad Guy, it is a harsh existence. But an easing into softness is possible, is happening.

What we haven’t yet shown you is the technical interference caused by your joy and relaxation. So in your awareness of the Truth, of your shared Power, in your knowing that all are forgiven right now, their technology falls apart, experiences great challenges, cannot work. The formerly smooth functioning of their operations becomes chaotic and disconnected.

Why are you talking about Us and Them? You’ve directed me away from Us and Them!

You’re afraid. You don’t want to think about things that scare you. But you’re still in a scary dream, and this perspective is helpful for you as you allow the dream to swirl down the drain. You need to be able to face the monster of your dream and know that you chose the experience, and you can easily wake up from it.

It is also helpful for you to know and to remember the great love and joy you feel for all beings, right now, regardless of the roles they are playing. What seems to have been many was always one. What seemed to have been in conflict has always been abiding in harmony.

When you drop the sense of threat, and that’s always up to you, inspiration can reach you. Inspiration is direct communication from your Self to your self. Inspiration is based on the direct knowing of who everyone else is, and in that state you are relaxed enough, open enough, to receive and enact the joyful doing that benefits all.

Here is where ego will kick up and make a bid for staying in charge. Relax? Why should you relax? You should be alert to threat at all times! Just who or what is trying to take over here?

This is ego doing its job. It would be very silly to blame a machine you made that is only doing the job you made it to do. Ego churns out thought that encourages separation perception. This thought is available to all, but you don’t have to tune into that frequency of it. When you chose ego, and we’re talking about the origination of ego here, you chose to tune into this frequency to have experience based upon it. You have always had the ability to tune into what you are instead. Indeed you do this whenever you a grinning at someone and sharing a moment of connection beyond all thought, whenever you have a quiet moment of peace.

So if the issue of mind control comes up, please do remember the original mind control you chose. It is the egoic frequency, and it is always your choice to take a breath and request thoughts of sanity–thoughts that affect your emanation, thoughts you can share with others across time and space.

Also please remember that there is no judgment about your choice for egoic experience. If there are ones showing up in your current experience as Bad Guys, you sent them engraved invitations because egoic perception requires them to show up and perform. They are just as mind controlled as anyone else. They are also just as innocently powerful. We’re not talking about the illusion of power-over that you all have been fueling with your separation perception. We’re talking about the reality and the innocence of power-with that is always available to all.

So when it looks as though on the world stage that it is time for forgiveness, please remember the nature of forgiveness. The nature of forgiveness is that all is already forgiven and always has been. You’re just tuning into the frequency that allows you to see that, that allows you to see and feel the fundamental right-now innocence of everyone playing every role.

You have ample opportunity to practice forgiveness in daily life, to see the truth of every situation because you choose it. Why would you choose truth when someone else could take the blame? Because that’s where your power is. That’s where all the beauty is. That’s where all the joy is. Go ahead. Be greedy. Take it all, because it’s all shared. It can never be any other way. When you take it for yourself, you offer it to all others.

Joy is always right now, and it’s always very simple. Look at children playing in a war zone if you need an example. Think of a time when you will no longer need war zones to define your separate selves! Because you choose the whole. Because you choose who you are, and in that moment, all is forgiven. All is seen as it always has been. If you need an elaborate plot or scheme to get you to where you want to go, you might want to question for a moment if that is really where you want to go. Allow simplicity to tell you what is Real.

Each being is blossoming like a flower. Each one demonstrates a lack of attraction to a particular kind of fear and and attachment to a particular kind of fear. You can learn from each one. You can accept gifts and offer gifts to each one. This gift exchange happens mind to mind, and it is always available. Accept the gifts that are available to you now, and you automatically offer yours to others, immediately, mind-to-mind. Look right through the surface of the events that are unfolding and relax into this very beautiful exchange. You are always either reinforcing separation perception or calling all minds to the love that they are.

Allowing all things to be as they are means you don’t have to be right. It means no one else needs to show up as wrong.  It means that you penetrate through the complexity into the simplicity. It means that you invite all minds across time and space to the Love they are. It is very, very powerful because power is what you all are.

We rest with you in the power of the love we are today, doing beautiful work throughout time and space. If we could show your physical eyes, it would look like a shower of the most beautiful colors of light. We bask in this light with you. Feel our joy that you are here in awareness with us.

Photo by Khalil Benihoud on Unsplash


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