Turning down the volume on ego thoughts

When you think you want something, pause for a moment. There is something you already have, something you can see and accept. When you tune in more and more to what you are, to what you already have, striving toward something or fleeing away from something begin to lose their meaning, their allure. When you allow the striving and fleeing to fall away, there is just guidance through form, flow through form. The forms themselves don’t mean anything, but you are escorted through them just the same.

In form, when you believe you’re the form, the body, you go chasing after things or trying to avoid things because you think there is something you lack and because you think there is something that can harm you. Look at it this way: There is nothing but you. You are love, and there is nothing but you. In fact, no particular thing at all even exists. But you are led through the unreal to gather up all of your divine siblings in Oneness as you leave the unreal. Each of your divine siblings is your savior. When you see them that way, what to do next within the unreal becomes clear.

At this stage of the game, how can you see each divine sibling as a savior? Remember this: When you think of them, or when you interact with them, you can experience two things. You can experience them as a reflection of the ease and joy that are your own. Or you can experience what you are projecting onto them. When you experience that, it feels like all kinds of wrong because it is untrue. They are doing you a favor in being with you physically or in thought because they are revealing where you are still projecting instead of extending. You can project separation, a fearful state, or you can extend love and see it reflected back to you. You know by how you feel, not by how you judge things.

Your divine siblings help you out by assisting you in feeling where you are still making a bad dream. They alert you to opportunities for perception correction, which we perform. Let us all work together to help you.

When you believe you are a body, when you believe you are separated form, you go chasing after things and you try to avoid things. We don’t ask you to stop the chasing. It doesn’t work to ask an ego to change form. Suppressing an action or forcing an action is only window dressing.

If you forget form and allow a perception correction when you feel you must chase or avoid, the volume on the ego thoughts gets turned down. The volume on the true thoughts gets turned up. You will hear thoughts you never allowed yourself to hear before, and they will guide you through form beautifully. The thoughts coming from ego will lose their meaning and significance.

We ask you to notice how you feel. This is step one. This is the simplest technology. When you feel disturbed at all, it’s your reminder that you have an appointment for perception correction. Take a moment, because a moment and a little willingness is all that is needed to accept the gifts that are waiting for you.

Something is going to happen, more and more. You’re going to notice that the things that seemed to ask you to chase after them don’t have any meaning anymore. You’re going to notice that the things that seemed to threaten separate ones don’t have any meaning anymore, either. Everything is going to feel more neutral, and then you’re going to notice layers of disturbance that you have been hiding under frantic layers of activity, of pushing and pulling and judging.

So that will feel very not-neutral for a while, and then you will take the invitations to perception correction that are coming your way. You allow the energetic clean-up, and then you emerge with a deeper sense of peace and aliveness. Until you discover there was something else you were hiding, and you go into the experience again. Eventually, there is nothing left to cleanse or to correct.

This is the inevitability. Rest in the inevitability of healing, and know that you have the only technology you need–the technology of feeling–by your side always. We love you, and it is our joy to serve you and All.

Photo by Drew Patrick Miller on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see Practice 3 – There is joy everywhere

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