The light you are shines away fear

We invite you to notice uncertainty and doubt today. When you are willing to allow the light you are shine on uncertainty and doubt as they arise, you are able to watch the process of choices you make. When doubt and uncertainty arise, they are uncomfortable. Usually, you will seek to cover them over quickly. And easy cover for doubt or uncertainty is a judgment. Simply watch the process. If you don’t pick judgment or the call to action that can come to cover up the feeling, you can sit for a moment in and as the light of awareness, allowing the uncertainty and doubt to simmer. As it simmers, it burns off. As uncertainty and doubt subside, the ease of Knowing returns to your experience.

When you feel you don’t know, recognize at the same time that you, as you truly are, do know, only you are hiding that knowing under layers of fear. When you attach to fearful thought and use it as your guide for thought, action and speech, you keep that experience of uncertainty repeating. The interesting thing about uncertainty when you are living in fear is that you cover it over very quickly to maintain your experience of hiding out in time and space. Whenever you feel very certain in a negative or disturbing way, you have covered over uncertainty with ego’s version of certainty. Simply notice. When you notice, you see it as the light you are. Dysfunction melts in the presence of the light and knowing you are.

This is why it is very helpful to notice fear. There is no reason to cover it up, and there is every reason to share your experience honestly with your fellows. There is nothing you have to hide and no personality or facade you have to maintain. You are as your divine sibling is. When you share the experience of fear honestly, you help each other to choose something else. That something else is what you all are.

Notice opinions, judgments and negative emotions today. Notice the wish to blame uncomfortable feelings on someone or something seemingly outside of you. Now look underneath. Those uncomfortable feelings are your gift. They let you know that you are confused. Look underneath opinions, judgments, and the wish to blame. You will discover an attachment to fear. You will discover a willingness to believe fear’s thoughts, follow fear’s stage directions, and speak from fear’s script. Fear’s script is nothing. It’s okay. There’s something else for you to discover.

We are guiding you back to the something else you’ve forgotten–love. You have given almost all of your attention to the nothingness of fear, willingly following fear’s directions. Now you are turning your attention toward love and allowing what we are to be your guide.

Finding the attachment to fear is like finding the key to the Kingdom. Rejoice when you locate it, when you see its role in your daily life. Seeing it is very good news. Sit with us. Affirm that you are willing to receive perception correction, that you want very much to receive love’s thoughts, to speak love’s words, and to enact love’s stage directions. Affirm that you are willing to accept healing, and it is done.

We thank you for your willingness to see, that you may see right through the nothingness of what is false to the infallible foundation of Truth. As you accept Truth, you share it immediately mind-to-mind, so putting yourself first helps everyone.

Photo by Marco Bicca on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see Practice 14 – I allow my light to shine

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