Form is for healing

You have an origin, and your origin is Love. It is very simple. Anything complicated is not true of you. You are simplicity itself. If you are simplicity itself, so are all. You are timeless and eternal, so all are timeless and eternal.

So this is what you came from. Say goodbye to your parents as your originators. Thank them for the perfect roles they have always played. They have always shown up as a reflection of the joy you are or they have fired up your desire to find peace and joy. There has never been a moment in which they did not show up perfectly for you. If this is true of your parents, it is true of you. There has never been a moment when you have not shown up perfectly. You have always played a role that reflected joy back or that helped your divine siblings feel their deep desire to return to the awareness of the Love they are.

You have an identity, and your identity is Love. Everyone else has an identity, and that identity is Love. You are invited now to look through the surface of everything that seems different on the surface and to see and feel Love shining back at you from the essential nature of everything. This is a practice. When you put your focus here, you share this ability mind-to-mind. You help make the awareness of Love more available to everyone sharing this dream with you.

Love creates, and you are love. You seem to have been distracted into an illusion of strife by the ego you made, but that doesn’t change the fact that you have always been Love, and you will always be Love. This is good news. It means that the search for love is over. You have always been it, and it can’t be removed from you. This means that the search for approval in form is over. It doesn’t mean anything. What you need, you already have. You can also release all pressure to do good things vs. bad things. Love is ever-expanding. This means that as love, you have always been doing the best work that can be done. You are an eternal creator, and so is everyone else.

Making always brings with it a feeling of tension. Notice the feeling of tension in daily life. Each time you notice, it is an opportunity to accept healing. Healing accepted is healing shared immediately, mind-to-mind. In form, it looks like nothing at all when you stop to sit in your willingness to have your perceptions corrected, but it is everything.

How do you accept healing? You sit with an open-hearted willingness to accept it. You realize that healing is there for you because you are worthy, not because you are defective. You are simply asking to be returned to your original awareness of what is and what isn’t. Form isn’t. It doesn’t exist, but as long as it seems to, it is a means of drawing you toward opportunities for healing. Form has no value of its own, but it can be used to undo your attachment to pain and suffering.

Form is a “Here, kitty, kitty.” It provides opportunities to attract you to situations that will sweep the mind clear. Those situations don’t actually have any positive or negative value, but now that form has been turned over, it is used for the purpose of healing.

Making is attached to form and valuing form. When you are making, you are attached to the idea that form is desirable in particular configurations and undesirable in others. And as we said, making always carries a feeling of tension with it. Use your awareness of that tension to pause for healing. We are always with you, and we are delighted to help you. When you’re valuing form, you’re mesmerized by what isn’t. When you’re hoping that form will appear in a particular arrangement so you can feel good, you are taking a detour. You can feel good right now.

While making seems to take place with effort, creation simply is. Creation continues unabated and undisturbed. You are one with the Source of all creation. That link has never been severed, but you have delivered to yourself an illusory experience of separation from your Source. You delivered it to yourself because you wanted it, so this is the honest answer to every “Why?” question about form. You are experiencing in this way because you wanted to do it.

Let’s go into want for a moment. As you truly are, you want for nothing. You are and always have been whole and complete, but you are identified with characters who seem to lack in particular ways. Before the curiosity about not-harmony, you never knew lack. There was no want. There is no want, no lack, right now, but you are delivering to yourself a very believable and mesmerizing experience of want and lack.

There has always been a hand outstretched to you to assist you out of this perception of lack, but you have been clinging to lack and want because of your attachment to fear. Every perceptual place you value form or think form could bring a happiness that is not yours already is a tether to fear. We ask that you offer these attachments, these tethered places, up to us so they can be snipped.

The only thing you have to lose is suffering. The idea that form should be a certain way–a way that it is not right now–is suffering. We use form to give you metaphors to speed you on your way. Wherever you allow a perception of lack, an attachment to form, to fly away, joy will come in to replace it. With joy comes certainty–certainty in the guidance that is always there for you to be guided through form, acting in service to all you love. That would be everyone, without exception.

While you still seem to be experiencing form, you can release fear, which is the attachment to suffering. You can allow the awareness of Creation. Creation simply Is and can never be disturbed. As you allow the awareness of this to wash away fearful thought and belief, guidance becomes very obvious. Effort is no longer a tool you need. The experience of effort becomes an opportunity to sit still and to allow healing.

Have faith. Success is assured. We never leave you, and it is always a joy to share the resonance of who you and all truly Are with you.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 42 – I am willing to feel my Source

Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

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