See the perfection

Everyone has the option to choose to see perfection within everyone. It’s an option. While you are seeing anything less than perfection in anyone who appears to be other, you always have the option to switch over from the “illusion” setting over to the “Truth” setting:
Let me see this as Truth would have me see it. 

Remember, no matter how “wrong” someone looks within the illusion, you have called that one to you for the purpose of forgiveness. Forgiveness is seeing through the illusion to the perfection that has always been there. If you can look for the healing role someone is playing in highlighting your disordered thinking for you, you can always find a way to thank them for what they are revealing about the thoughts you believe. The thoughts you believe determine your experience

You always have the option to see the surface of the drama and all of the roles being enacted as perfect for the purpose of the healing drama. In order to see that perfection, you must drop judgment. If you’re going to judge the surface of how something looks, you’re choosing illusion. It is time for Truth now.

You quite naturally drop judgment when you understand its connection to pain. When you are looking at the surface structure of the healing drama, remember that it was perfectly set up. The healing drama assists you in noticing how you feel. It assists you in noticing the thoughts you believe, the belief structures you have built up based on those thoughts. The healing drama shows you what you are projecting–trying to see it outside of you so you don’t have to see it in your mind.

When you are willing to see what you are projecting as active within your mind, you can have it corrected. Corrected perception brings peace.

Everyone has equal freedom because freedom is not freedom of the body. It is the freedom of perception. You are always free to see things as they truly are, beyond the surface you are tempted to judge. Assistance is always available for you:
Help me see this as it is. 

Everyone is friend, because everyone is perfect for their role in the healing drama, right now, just as they are, just as the drama appears. When you don’t need to change a single thing about the healing drama, but you are willing to accept the healing it is offering you right now, you are making good use of what is provided for you. No matter how many things you appear to do within an illusion, accepting healing is truly the only thing you can do. You might as well get around to it.

When you join with someone, you join with the perfection in them. The perfection in each one is the Oneness, the Wholeness. If you walk around with an appreciation of the Truth in each one, rather than an appreciation of surface characteristics that are ultimately meaningless, you are cultivating the ability to be at peace and happy in anyone’s presence, in any conditions.

We thank you for listening. We thank you for bringing your thoughts and beliefs into the light that they might be corrected. It is always our joy to assist you, beautiful ones.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 41 – Let me see this as Truth would have me see it

Photo by Mark Basarab on Unsplash

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