Focus on our connection

More reliable than the ephemeral things of this world is our connection. Our connection is unbroken and eternal, and it will always be so, because we are One. What is One cannot be divided. Your world seems to be proof of division. We would like you to see the world you made as something you invented because you were terrified of Oneness. You were terrified of Oneness because you thought you had done something wrong in wishing for not-Oneness. Not-Oneness isn’t possible, but it is possible to deliver to yourself a realistic experience of Not-Oneness through illusion.

Because illusion is nothing at all and never happened, you have never done anything wrong. It is not possible for you to have done anything wrong. That is not within the range of what you are able to do. You are not able to create what cannot exist. When you understand this, it is easy to turn all of form over to the Oneness of us in the service of healing. We invite you to notice that you don’t need anything from form. We invite you to notice that form cannot protect you.

Within the illusion, it seems as though there are forms that are protective of the body and forms that destroy the body. The body itself was made to promote the illusion of suffering. When you allow yourself to remember what form is and isn’t, you can stop trying to control it. You can simply turn it over to the Oneness of us in order to heal and to share healing.

What you experience in the world is a series of doings and undoings. In the world of form, things come and things go. To assign positive and negative value to the things of a world is madness. This madness is what the beings of your world are collectively engaging in. In order to accept correction for a problem, first you must acknowledge that you have a problem. This is your problem: You think the world is real, and you think it has power over you. You think the attraction of the things of the world offers you more than what you are, so you seem to seek after something outside of what you are. However, nothing is outside of what you are.

It seems as though in this world, in this place where you seek for something outside of yourself, there are also things outside of yourself that could threaten and destroy you. So there is this push and pull, this attraction and repulsion. There is what you want (what you believe you lack), and there is what you don’t want. This push and pull is exhausting. The exhausting part of this is what you are thinking and believing about form–not form itself. Form is nothing, but the mind is very powerful. If the mind is believing form is real and assigning strength and value to it, then that is what you will experience.

Our connection is undeniable and eternal. If you will allow this to come to the forefront of your mind, you will see clearly how insignificant the aspects of form are. Instead of valuing form as a savior or avoiding form as a destroyer, you will simply allow your passage through from to be guided. As you realize more and more how much better this simple guidance feels than that back and forth of yearning after and avoiding or fighting with form, you will trust it, more and more.

Whatever intensity or confusion you are experiencing right now, know that it is precisely this that is teaching you to drop all reactiveness to form. Instead, you will keep what we Are first in awareness, so you can happily play your role in this Earth drama. It is a healing drama now, and learning how to play your role happily is part of it. There is no doubt that you will learn this. The time it takes is up to you, but you will learn how to rely upon guidance and Flow for everything.

If you are willing to see form as completely meaningless on its own, you are then able to allow form to be used in the service of healing. Right now you are detaching from the value–either positive or negative–you assigned to form. You are accustomed to thinking that joy comes from some preferred configuration of form, but you are learning that joy is beyond all that. Joy is always accessible. It is not at all dependent on form. As you learn to drop the value you have assigned to form, as you see the value in allowing all of form to be used in the service of collective healing, you will feel joy. Joy comes when you are not doing anything to stop it, when you aren’t holding up any thoughts or beliefs to block it. Joy is completely unrelated to the conditions you are experiencing.

We invite you to realize that form has no true attractive or repulsive power. Form seems to have an attractive and repulsive power of its own, but it is only showing you what you are thinking and believing. If what you are thinking and believing is blocking the awareness of the love you are, the love everyone else is, you have a constant stream of opportunities to have your thinking set straight. You can allow your true thoughts to replace egoic thought. Egoic thought is always painful, while true thought brings nothing but peace.

We thank you for listening as we walk alongside you and invite you to the peace that you are. We are always here, and it is our great joy to assist you in hearing your true thoughts.

Photo by Ruben Ortega on Unsplash

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