Trust in what carries you

You are always held in love. Trust what carries you.

Today let us look at characters, at the surface of the drama, and then let’s go deeper. Remember that this drama can be a churning that escorts you to an experience of death. When the drama is turned over for the purpose of healing, it becomes a gentle wave that takes you back to the full awareness of Home and eternal life.

You are accustomed to looking upon other characters in the healing drama and analysing or estimating. You come to some conclusion about what they are. You anticipate what their next move in the drama will be. You calculate to decide if a character is going to interfere with the desired trajectory of your character.

If you have ever acted in a play, notice that you don’t do this. You have an assurance about the outcome of the story, and you are there merely to play your part. Everything you need–costume, props and lines–is always provided.

This is not a game of chess. No analysis or strategy is needed. All is given. When you find that you are relying upon judgment from the ego to navigate, remember that you can set down your familiar tools. You do not need them. You will be carried.

You leap into the future when you look upon a character in terms of their possible future contribution to the drama. Know the fullness of that being now, and the future is assured. The future is not something to be controlled. The future is not. It doesn’t exist. While it still seems to, better to turn it over to the Now to run for you.

The Now is you–True You, not you in the guise of a vulnerable character who can be damaged by a future outcome. You turn the future over to Real You instead of fake you. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Every time you feel fear, you are imagining a future outcome. The ego is suggesting to you a story about a future, and you are listening. You are giving it importance. Stay here in the Now, and there are no stories. There is only Love which carries you through what seems to be a future. Allow that Love to handle everything. When you feel fear, you are attempting to handle and control an imagined future with discordant outcomes. We are always there when you feel fear, when you make the habitual choice for a future of discord. We are always there to assist you into making the decision for eternal harmony.

You seem to move about this world with characters, as a character. Imagine being here now with your fellow beings, all equally loved. Release all characters from any imagined outcomes. You may imagine a good outcome for them because you believe they are more worthy than you are. You may imagine an outcome reflecting your belief that they are doomed or limited in some way. You may imagine them fulfilling your wishes because ego has convinced you to see characters as those who satisfy or supply your character with something. You may imagine the trajectory of one character interfering with the desired trajectory of the character you believe to be yours.

Return to the simplicity of the Now. There is no anticipation of character moves here, and nothing needed from any other character. Here in the Now, you recognize that everything you need is given. Any props a character needs are given. Any resources a character needs are given. Put your faith there instead of in an ego’s ability to plan and manipulate and control.

You reduce and then drop your investment in characters. Ego is invested in the qualities of a character, in anticipated futures based on analysis of characters. These thoughts are all ego stories. Learn not to touch them and you will stop hearing them. Ego is efficient. It sends only the thoughts you are likely to believe. If you stop believing, ego stops sending.

Abide with and appreciate the radiance of beings. Appreciate the fact that all are loved and cared for. All are surrounded by love and assistance at all times. If you see beings truly, you see what they have immediate access to–the Flow that carries them. Seeing them as they are, you assist them in gaining access to the ease of that Flow. What you do for others, you always do for yourself.

It is our delight to show you how you are carried, to help you see that you need nothing at all from ego–not a single thought. We celebrate as you hear the thoughts that bring clarity to all.

Photo by Lightscape on Unsplash

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