Being conducted through the physical

Reality is not physical. The physical is a very real-seeming experience you are delivering to yourself by relying upon the lens of separate identity. You have to rely upon the lens of separate identity to believe the physical is real, and you have to rely upon the lens of separate identity to suffer. To appear here, in this guise, reflects a decision to suffer.

Let’s go slowly here. Watch any reactivity that comes up in response to the idea of a decision to suffer. Anger, guilt, blame, struggle…any of it? Do you feel anything? It is true that you decided to deliver unto yourself an experience of suffering only possible within an illusion, but it is equally true that suffering will never be a consequence of making that decision. You came “here” for the suffering. Suffering doesn’t actually exist outside of an illusion.

Another experience you can deliver unto yourself is that of contact with civilizations who have realized that our Oneness is our conduit out of suffering. We speak of contact with other-dimensional brothers and sisters. They are waking up as you are, and you all assist one another in your acknowledgement of what is real and what is not.

The physical, and your interpretations of it, are a large distraction from what truly is. This is why you have an ever-present invitation to go into the heart center and to allow What Is to determine all. You turn your plaything–the illusion–over to What Is in order to bring the story to a happy conclusion. What you regard as the decision-making entity–the ego–has nothing to do with this.  The ego is just is just a spinning set of still-active thoughts and beliefs. As you stop believing egoic thought, egoic influence fades, and you can see the divine at work. The divine is what you are, and what you are has nothing to do with suffering.

You are accustomed to seeing the physical as what truly is. We invite you to allow the significance you habitually place upon the physical to fade so you can allow the Real to come into view. While you still believe in the significance of the physical, you are guided through it–through what you believe in and therefore experience–in a way that leads you deeper and deeper into every-moment reliance on peace beyond all concepts.

Ego frantically and repetitively interprets the physical. Notice this frantic quality and recognize it for the lie it has always been. What is Real doesn’t need to convince you of anything. It simply emerges when you allow it. You have allowed egoic thought to convince you to keep spinning in searching and trying to fix. Once you settle, you see that the Stillness you Are is perfectly capable of wrapping up this dream in peace. You allow this because you prefer not suffering to suffering. It becomes very simple and not at all about struggling to control the micro-details of the physical, believing that they have some significance.

You who have previously lived at “ego” setting can now switch to a setting beyond time and space to determine all. Staying here benefits all because there is no conflict beyond time and space. Staying in the “Reality” setting is the conduit to Harmony for all.  Knowing that the physical isn’t while still dreaming of it, you can allow your passage through it to be taken care of for you.

You have been struggling in a dream of no significance. Relax and awake, Child. All is and always has been well, and you have every reason to rejoice.

Photo by Oliver Hihn on Unsplash

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