Sweeping away old belief

When you believe you are of this world, you ask the ego to tell you how you feel and why. Ego sends reactive thoughts about events, and then you believe you are all of these different and varying states. You believe you are jealous. You believe you are bereft. We invite you to reach to what you truly are. Reach beyond what egoic thought claims you are.

It is very helpful to know what you are feeling. “I feel tension. I feel a sense of threat.” Feeling lets you know what you are believing. If anything feels “off,” it is because of a habitual reliance on egoic thought. When you discover where egoic thought is active, call upon us. We’re here to help you undo the reliance. We help by reminding you what has been shining behind egoic thought for all of time. When you can see this, when you can feel the resonance of it, it is easy to let go.

What you are is stillness itself. What you are is what has been shining behind egoic thought for all of time. What you are was never born and can never die. There is nothing more solid and stable to rely upon. If this is true of you, it is true of all.

A request to see through a flawed perception of a character, of an event, is so very powerful. Because all are this unending light, whenever you ask to see someone or something differently, you are changing the trajectory of the story from strife to peace. You are in charge, all because of what you ask to see. You can choose to continue to see elements of the story as separate and in conflict with each other, or you can know deeply that peace is shining behind every aspect of the story. Ask to see the peace. Ask that the peace be revealed to you, and you will see.

Imagine a character in the story with many, many guns. This character believes the guns are necessary for protection. It is time to thank this character because she has only been reflecting back at you a defensiveness that you never needed. Defensiveness is dependence on egoic thought. When you thank the character for her perfect role in helping you awaken, her work in showing you is done. Everyone is here to show you something, and when you see it, you can ask for assistance in the thought transformation that allows you to see the perfection of everything.

When you struggle to convince another character that she doesn’t need her guns, you completely ignore the defensiveness to which you still cling. You will be much happier and much more helpful if you can stop and ask for assistance in dropping the defensiveness. Your job, regarding any character, is to find the gratitude. Find the gratitude for what they are reflecting back. Find the gratitude for what they are and always have been. Do this without exception. This is how to be most helpful in the world. You help yourself first. You ask for and accept healing.

Showing up in a world built on an idea of perpetual motion–a world that never stops spinning, a world that demands a struggle for survival–it is very easy to get distracted away from the stillness that you are. We invite you to return to the awareness of this stillness, to stay there, to realize it as the essential nature of all of the beings playing characters in this fantasyland. This is how you play your perfect part in bringing the dream to a soft and joyful conclusion.

When you return, perceptually, to the stillness that you are, there is joy there, regardless of ego’s commentary upon events and conditions. When the stillness that you are is larger in your awareness than any event or condition, when the stillness that all others are is larger in your awareness than any analysis of their actions or speech, you invite. You invite what is Real to make itself known in your world. You invite what is Real–love, peace, and eternal joy–to make itself known and to shine away all of the strife of the world.

When you believe that ego’s interpretation of events and conditions tells you whether you are suffering or not, there is a constant struggle to please the egoic identity in order to avoid suffering. Suffering is not real. It is an experience that you deliver unto yourself in an illusion. Ego will tell you that suffering is inevitable, and at the same time it will send you on many journeys to chase pleasure and to avoid pain.

All the while, here you are. Stillness itself. Beyond all pleasure and pain. Take a look at pleasure. Pleasure is the phantom ego depends upon to keep you running in fear. You run to this thing to avoid that thing. Seeing through all of that, you can stay here, in this moment. The ego would tell you that Here and Now is devoid of satisfying content. It is a wasteland, boring and destructive. The Now is joyful, and it is destructive to learned dependence on egoic thought. Joy needs no content. It just is, and you can never lose it because it is who you are, who every character is. You have such good news to share!

You do not share this good news through explaining the news to perceived others. You share the good news by abiding in its resonance, through your happiness. That’s it. Your job is to be happy. Everyone’s true job is the best job in the world.

We stand ready to sweep away all thought that blocks your remembrance that your job is simple and joyful. You are worthy of simplicity and joy because that is what you are. All are worthy of simplicity and joy because it is and always has been the true nature of all. We thank you, we celebrate you, and we are always here for you.

Photo by Artyom Kulikov on Unsplash

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