The undistorted

When it comes to thoughts, you can pick and choose. When an unloving thought passes through the field of your awareness, you can check to see if you really and truly believe it. If you understand that you don’t, it passes away. Ego is the instrument you used with intention to have an experience of opposition to yourself. It is not wrong. It is simply what you used, and you are putting it down now.

So ego will churn out a series of greatest hits in order to assist you in staying within separation consciousness–to experience the limits you intended to experience here on Earth. It works really well. It sustains the illusion.

Those thoughts ego churns out–they are not your thoughts. They are suggestions sent to you for the purpose of focusing you within an experience of limitation and conflict. They are not wrong or bad–just practical. They fuel the drama when believed.  Think of a YouTube recommended video list. It’s specially designed to appeal to you, but who clicks on the videos or not? You do. It’s always up to you–whether or not you’re going to integrate ego-thoughts as part of your idea of your separate self–a self who could be limited, a self who could be in conflict, the separate self of the story. It’s up to you whether or not to integrate ego thoughts to build an idea of separate selves other than you.

When you see the filter/distortion function of the ego, you can see how it operates. It takes the loving impulses constantly available to embodied ones from the unity of true identity, and it distorts/filters them to create the experience of opposition to true identity and unity. You can opt out of the filter. When you begin to do this, loving, empowered and unthreatened perspectives reach you more frequently and for longer periods of time. These thoughts–loving impulses from the universe in their unfiltered state–are much easier to believe.

There are also times when thinking as you know it is not necessary at all. When you’re consciously bathing in the love that always surrounds you, there is no need for thought. When it is needed for a function of your embodiment, it returns.

The ego self wants to define itself through constant thinking, but the true self has no need to re-identify and re-identify. It just is, and it always has been. When you choose the loving, unfiltered and undistorted version of a thought, you return to Reality. You’re consciously stepping out of illusion with every choice to return to what is Real.

Let’s talk about physical conditions. When you choose a loving, nonresistant thought about a physical condition, you relax into healing. You stop grasping after it. Feel the difference in that. You come to it from a place of acceptance of what is here now and how it serves you. What appears here and now definitely serves you. If it is a condition you don’t like–aging, disease, discomfort, illness–it is part of your pathway Home. If you can fully accept the benefit of it in this moment, you stop the struggle. When you stop the struggle, you can appreciate how the experience of it helps you to drill down deep, and when you do that, you become willing to release a whole raft of superficial thought you don’t need. When you drill down, you access that very simple guiding sense of your true self. You access knowledge.

Conditions you don’t like–anything you’re resistant to–they help you drill down past the ego filters and distortions to the simplicity of what is Real. These situations and states are also opportunities to experience and understand your deep desire for peace, a peace beyond all notion of ego-based control.

Everything you’re looking at in your life and in the lives of others is not-wrong, right now, exactly as it is. It is an opportunity to drop egoic insistence upon change that can only reinforce conflict. You fall into nonresistance. You fall in love, but only with everything.

Go to the level of perception. Each perception immediately generates experience. Do you want to leave perception in the charge of the fictional and unbalanced separate self that can only contribute conflict to the world, or would you like to turn perception over to the real Self we all share?

Can you step out of a hectic, frantic autopilot of ego and realize where you abide now? can you fall in love, right now, with everything exactly as it is, because it is part of your pathway Home?

As we walk Home with you, we also know fully that you are safe at Home right now. It is only perception that would tell you otherwise. Take a work-from-Home day today. Experience loving impulses from all that we are together as loving thoughts or as periods of no-thought. When you experience disturbing or conflicted thought, call upon us.

How do you call upon us? Playfully! Whistle for us as if we are dogs. Snap your fingers. Or seriously–“I call upon my nonphysical siblings in the light that I am to come to my aid.” We have no need of names, but you can feel free to name us. The fact of it is that we are always here and never leave. When you turn your awareness to us, there we are.

We are always here in service to us all, and we invite you to see how your journey is serving our shared expansion.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “The undistorted

  1. What a beautiful post. It is exactly as you’ve described it. My experiences of the other realms, of ego’s influence to keep us as we are, of it being neither right or wrong, these resonate perfectly with what you talk about here. But the words you’ve chosen, the way you explain it… brilliant! Sending love & light, Michèle 💖🌸✨

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