From distortion to focus

You are looking through a camera. Bring the whole into focus. Just for a moment. Yes, you can focus on particular parts, but bring the whole into focus. We would like you to bring the whole of your life story into focus, and in order to do that, you must include all of the stories that have been presented to you within your life story. All of the content is present–both the content you think you have been for and the content you think you have been against. Judgment distorts. So you must look at the whole of this story without judgment.

There. That wasn’t even that difficult, was it? Congratulations, you are now poised for transformation.

Recognizing that all parts of the whole are fundamentally connected and always equally worthy is the key to transformation. It would probably be a good idea to know what transformation is and what it isn’t. So what transformation isn’t is whack-a-mole. If you play the egoic game of transformation, you can magically make circumstances appear and disappear with the force of your separate will. You know what that effort feels like. That’s the effort you have been encouraged to apply under the ethic of hard work. So let’s say you want something to disappear, an unwanted condition. Through the force of your individual will, you do so. You give yourself the experience of that. Whack!

Oh, but look what pops up over there! Something new to deal with. So time to decide where to apply your individual effort next. And so on. And so on. This is the purpose of time–to enact the same basic action over and over in many variations. But you are timeless, and you are allowing the timeless to express itself through you.

It is no longer your job to play whack-a-mole. It is always your option to play it if it appeals to you, but something else is calling to you. It is the something else that calls to you through divine will. When you follow individual will and play whack-a-mole, you keep rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Don’t worry about that sinking ship metaphor. It just means that switching from whack-a-mole to something else is inevitable. Whack-a-mole has limited appeal.

Something else appeals more than that and it’s divine will. It appeals because it is the calling of your soul. It is the calling of your soul because you are the divine, and joined, harmonious will is your true will. It’s a shoe that fits. It feels much better than the call of a phantom will–a will expressed by an ego identity comprised of a conglomeration of fearful thoughts. Something feels better than fear and it’s….yourself. YourSelf.

Divine will leads to transformation of the whole. Do you feel any resistance there? A feeling afraid to let go? It is only the echo of the egoic will. The fears have no power, and you need not give them your attention.

When you abide in the perception of the fundamental unity of everything, you allow the energy of transformation to think, speak and act through you. Thinking is a mode of expression. Consider what you emanate. Speaking and acting are already recognized as modes of expression, but thinking precedes these. And then there are the states of no-thought.

Some fear comes up when we suggest that you allow something that seems other to think for you, speak for you, act for you. We’re just approaching you slowly, gently. It is you, of course. That energy of transformation is and always has been who you are. That power is and always has been who you are.

But let us go into these fears of mind control that come up. Best to address them very directly.  We have said to you before that if you look for evidence of mass mind control and even mind control through spiritual means, you will definitely find it. The hunger for false power is part of the egoic experience, and we remind you that the egoic experience is one you chose freely. We encourage you to set worry down. All is well. First of all–look at the game, the dream. What you look for, you find. So if you go on a fearful search to see if someone is trying to control your mind, you will find within the dream evidence to support that.

We also invite you to chuckle. Of course your mind is being controlled. You chose the egoic experience, so you chose egoic mind control! Right from the beginning! To see these stories unfold in your world as “someone else’s fault” and to see victims and villains and to pretend that the power they seem to wield is to be feared–it’s all a part of the show. Get the popcorn!

But at the same time, remember to thank your villains for their service to humanity. They are a very important part of your seeing through false power to the true power you are, the true power all share. Have you thanked a villain today? This is our suggestion for a new public service message. To be plain: Villains help you get your heads out of your asses. Because you want to get your heads out into the fresh air, here villains are. Villains motivate you to access your true power, to allow it to flow.

Villains will disappear when you don’t need them anymore. First they will disappear in your perception. In other words, you will see very clearly the divine role they are playing. Then they will disappear in your experience. In other words, you will no longer require for your learning that ones show up in villain costume. Thank them. Thank yourself. Thank all.

You intended to be here on Earth, embodied during the Great Shift, and here you are. So you intended to be enmeshed in the back and forth of egoic attachment and then to bloom out of it. Remember how  a flower blooms. You do not pry the petals back. Take one breath. Take one moment.

You want everything now–all the unity, all the harmony, everything you can remember that was free of this conflict. Find your harmony in the fact–the fact! The fact. Yes, we’re definitely emphasizing this. Find your unity and harmony in the fact that all is as it should be and you bloom exactly on time, right down to the position of each and every petal. You could not possibly be doing this any better than you are right now. So relax. Appreciate. Bask. Now look outward and see that the same is true for all others. Right on time.

You giggle when you begin to speak timelessly. We giggle when we begin to speak of time as if it is real. So let’s have a giggle break. It’s worth more than all the words in the world. Stay in the awareness of the fundamental innocence of everything. And laugh, because you have great reason to!

During the process of awakening you bring to yourself all manner of experiences that help you learn. When you experience a separate you resisting something apparently other today, you can say to yourself, “This is a mind retraining exercise I have brought to myself. I can take one conscious breath now, and allow love to guide my thoughts, actions, and speech into resolution.”

And as you hold this intention, we invite you to see something beyond the judgment of here and there, this and that: All the illusionary things you perceive are not different. They appear to be different and you believe they are different, but illusion is illusion is illusion. When you are done with illusion, you allow Reality to reveal itself. So is a clock a house, you ask? An illusion is an illusion, we reply. In your night dreams, you can live in a clock or eat a house. All is mind. All is the experience you’re giving yourself through consciousness.

Are you ready for your lived experience to reflect the true nature of Reality? You have played and played with it reflecting the nature of something that cannot possibly be–lack. Lack of unity, lack of harmony. Are you ready for it to reflect the Is? Love is, and that is all that can ever be. We join you, as always, in celebration of what we are.

Photo by ShareGrid on Unsplash


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