The fullness of what You Are

In truth, there is no lack. There is only the fullness and abundance of what we all Are together, eternally. So if you appear to be watching a movie about or enacting a role of lack, what is this about? It is about your choice. It is about your choice to remain entrained to a set of untrue thoughts that have an inevitable consequence. The inevitable consequence of the untrue thoughts to which you attach is the experience of the destruction of what these thoughts would tell you is yourself. In other words, the experience of death. When you are attaching to untrue thoughts (and you can know when this is happening by how you feel), you are choosing to invite the experience of yourself as separate and therefore in line to be killed by what you call life.

We know this language is harsh, but what you do, you do by choice. We are placing the choice in the light so you can see how obvious it is to stop valuing thoughts that ultimately have no meaning. Life is eternal, and life does not kill anything. Only in a dream could this happen.

We would like to encourage the idea that anything you seem to need in the physical world comes to you of its own accord, and with perfect timing. Does doubt rush to meet this thought? Rejoice. This is separate identity revealing itself. This separate identity is the source of all stress. All stress, no exceptions! Any stress or unhappiness you feel here is never, ever due to the seeming events or conditions of the dream. This is the silken trap–believing that unhappiness is caused by a specific facet of the dream. You are going to see beyond every temptation to believe that the dream is real and has power over you. You are going to allow what you truly Are to arise and become the determiner of all.

There is no need to struggle for anything in this world. Notice how struggle and drive feel. Notice the tension. Notice the thoughts of fear that inevitably accompany struggle and drive. Notice the thoughts that a separate self must control conditions. This is play on the surface of the world. You are ready to look right through the seeming surface of a world to the light that exists everywhere. You are ready to trust this light. When you notice yourself giving importance to the world, think of these times as opportunities to have scraps of resistance swept away. Awareness will only grow deeper in your experience now.

When you find yourself in struggle, stop and come to us. Remember that an invented world can never be more important than the fact of the Harmony of All. Stop. Take a breath. Ask to see the light. Ask to be guided by the light. Ask that all things be made obvious to you. Go to your thinking. Notice what you have been believing. See how unnecessary this thought is. It is habitual to cling to thoughts like armor. Let this thought go, noticing how wonderful it feels to be free from the restriction of armor. You let thoughts go when you can see through them, when you see how meaningless they truly are.

Fearful thoughts only have meaning in the context of a world you invented, in the context of a world that doesn’t truly exist. Fearful thoughts only have significance when they are accompanied by all of the other fearful thoughts that make up your identity and your world. Nothing related to nothing seems to have meaning but actually has none. See through, see through. The light is the only meaning. The light can shine through every concept as you allow it. So allow. Allow all of the old perception to break up, and relax past the net of thought into what you Are. What you Are is the simplest thing, meaning it is not chopped up into meaningless fragments by perception.

Let’s look at guilt. Who is the chopper up? Who made the fragments? The one who could be blamed for such a crime, if indeed crimes actually existed outside a feverish dream, doesn’t actually exist. There is nowhere to place blame and guilt because blame and guilt do not actually exist. The apparent landing space for blame and guilt–a separate identity–does not actually exist. When that temptation comes up to feel responsible in a heavy way, please ask us to help you return to the lightness of true responsibility. True responsibility means that you can respond lovingly–and right now–to what you seem to see. That’s all it means. True responsibility has no reference to a past that never existed.

But what do I do? What do I say? This always seems to be the question, doesn’t it? What you do and say comes directly from what you think and believe. So if there is any disturbance in your mind and heart, simply go to thinking and believing. Ask for assistance there. The only problem with all of the doing and saying in your world is that you are judging it. The judging is thought. Thought is where the assistance is received and accepted. To place the focus on thought takes the focus away from the idea that you are a body, that you are a separate one who actually does and says. You have given yourself the experience of having a body. That is all. There is a mind making this physical experience. Go to the mind when you need assistance. Mind is where all healing happens.

The energy you allow is what is most important, beyond all seeming accomplishment in the physical. When the energy seems anything other than wholly joyful, completely at ease, assistance is available. Come to us in full confidence of your worthiness in receiving our assistance. The seeming gulf between us is only a perception that you chose. It has never been real.

We remain here, exulting in what you Are and always have been, so happy to be of assistance in helping you through and out of a dream that was never real. Welcome Home!

Photo by Melanie Morales on Unsplash

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