Streaming thoughts

Thoughts occur to you. Throughout your day, thoughts come into your mind. You are the gatekeeper. You have the power to say, “No, thank you,” to a thought. This power is greater than any power that seems to be in the physical. This is the power of clarity. When you are looking at the nothingness of egoic thought, you can feel it. Recognizing the true value of feeling, you can call upon the light whenever you are looking upon the darkness of nothing.

So remember this: Whenever anything feels amiss, you are looking at the nothingness of egoic thought. This is the only problem. If you make the problem about the physical experience or the character’s story, you request more egoic thought to wash up at your shore. More egoic thought equals more confusion and more pain.

Thoughts occur to you. You believe the thoughts or not, and then your experience proceeds from the thoughts believed. This is phenomenality. This is how it works. You aren’t subject to anything unreal, but you are one with everything that is Real. In this house of mirrors, you must call upon your Real Self to show you the way Home. Your Real Self is united with all equally worthy selves across time and space. You always apply to all that is unified when you ask for Love’s guidance. So when you ask for loving guidance, you’re asking it of the True Self of everyone you meet.

Worldly experience results from thoughts believed. If you find yourself looking into a past and trying to analyze what happened, go first to the thoughts you believed. You are not capable of analyzing the actions of other characters. Ego lures you with that temptation. Ego says that to understand them as separate ones is to make your way here easier. There is only one way to understand them–as innocent and powerful. Only when you see the True Self right there behind every character will you be able to recognize yourself. When you see that True Self present everywhere, you will be able to allow it to express itself.

Although you understand intellectually how thought works, you have a long-standing habit of believing thoughts from ego. We simply ask you to stop and question today. When something feels amiss, resist the temptation to blame a character or a condition. Ask to be shown what is true. Ask to be inspired. Ask to be guided by what is always new and fresh.

All thoughts come from one of two sources–the ego or the True Self. You are in charge of volume control. Learn to question what was never true, and you allow Truth into your life and your world.

We are always here to assist you into clarity, whenever you realize that you want clarity more than anything specific in the physical. It is our joy to be here for you when you send out the call to hear loving thought and to see things as they truly are.

Photo by Gabriel Lamza on Unsplash

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