What sort of world will Truth make?

We wish to draw your attention to chains of action. During your day, one action seemingly follows another and then another, and some of these action sequences can be seen as revolving around a central concept. Take the action of doing laundry. All of the actions in doing the laundry revolve around the idea of getting the clothes clean.

When a chain of action is based on one faulty thought, you can feel the tension strung through those actions. You can feel a something-offness, and this ability to notice that you are not feeling good only expands as you learn the importance of valuing how you feel.

When you feel that something-offness, we ask you not to judge your actions or the actions of any other, but simply to stop and align. We remind you again that to attempt to judge your actions or any actions is useless because it is not a capability you have. You can deliver to yourself a believable experience of having judged, but that is all. Your judgment is ultimately meaningless and not helpful to you or others. Your willingness to notice how you feel is invaluable.

Your willingness is key. Find your willingness to allow the importance you place on faulty thinking to diminish and then disappear. Your willingness is always alive, always there, Simply find it and rest, knowing everything else is accomplished.

When you attach to an untrue thought, you value what is valueless. If you pay attention, this can be felt. It is painful, dense and heavy to attach to what has no value. Instead of attributing this feeling to any separate thing, anywhere, to any condition, to any action, simply rest in your willingness to allow what is untrue to dissolve.

The concepts to which you attach make the world you experience. What sort of world will Truth make? Find out.

We remind you that eternal rest is life itself. It has never been death, because enacting death has only been a fictional part of this roller coaster ride you have been taking. Join us in eternal rest, and allow the world to reflect Truth, Love, and Grace back to you. The world awaits your permission to show you who you Are.

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “What sort of world will Truth make?

  1. ‘Willingness.’ Thanks for supplying me with yet another “key” word to add to my stack of words that move me forward, and not back. I love the way it sounds as I speak it, and it’s definitely an encouragement when I may be all set to judge an action as opposed to just letting it dissipate.

    When it comes to doing the laundry, I tend to wait until I have a ‘willingness’ to do it in its entirety. So far, I haven’t run out of clothes, nor seen piles strewn about because I didn’t ‘feel’ I wanted to make a start at them. When the time comes, it just gets accomplished, as do many other things that may not make me jump from my bed each day. The ‘willingness’ to just be in the moment with whatever is clear wants my attention is evident. And so it is. And so it will be. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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