A transparent game

You have been playing a game. Let’s call it the inequality game. You have been pretending that there are hazards and villains and death. You have become so absorbed in this game of pretend that you have nearly forgotten that that you are a player. The playing is a defense mechanism. It’s a defense against remembering who you are.

If you remember who you are, then you remember what you think you did. If you face up to what you did and come out of the hiding place of your game, your creator will destroy you. Thus goes your reasoning. You experience this world because you are certain that you are in trouble. You continue to experience this world because you are certain that you must hide.

There is a flaw in your reasoning, however. You haven’t done anything. You seem to have unleashed chaos within peace, but that is all. You have fantasized that you did this, but fantasy is nothing. It cannot affect peace. This sense of guilt, shame and defensiveness arose after the first thought of the impossibility, after the first thought of separation from God. You became lost within a firestorm of separation thought, and you have exhausted yourself playing this game, convincing yourself the game is real so you never have to face up to what actually is real.

The irony is that what is Real would instantly solve all of the problems you encounter in the game. What is Real would never punish you because punishment is an invention of the game. It doesn’t exist.

In your inequality game, things dip this way and then that way. It seems to be possible to be thrown about by circumstance. There is pain in the game, and only in the game. Tensing up in anticipation of where the game will toss you next, you seem to feel pain from the jarring, jouncing experience. Actually, pain is what you are choosing because remaining in pain and resistance keeps you from facing up to who you Are.

You are so attached to the character you are playing, thinking it is your safety, that you are unwilling to put down the dice and to look up to your very loving parent, who is telling you that all is well. You are not in trouble because you have not done anything at all.

There are thrills and chills in this game. There are ups and downs. As long as you think they mean something, you are distracting away from your parent standing next to you. You become absorbed in the up-and-downness of the game because you are afraid to acknowledge the presence right next to you. You fear consequence. Consequence is only a facet of the game, however. It has never been Real. You take aspects of the game play and apply them completely inaccurately to the parent by your side.

Each time you lash out at another character in the game, whether through thought, speech or action, it is a part of your temporary quest (a quest that seems unending) to find guilt elsewhere because you find the guilt you carry so crushing. You are attempting to relieve the pressure, when the one beside you could assist you right out of the imaginary pressure in which you have immersed yourself. In other words, you go further into the game to try to escape from the effects of the game. This solution will never work, and you are waking up to that.

The game is nothing. Because you have regarded immersion in your inequality game as a kind of safety, to think of the game as nothing is terrifying. To think of the game as nothing when you are still identifying as a character is to look upon your own destruction, or so it seems.

We invite you to think of the game as becoming transparent. When the game is transparent, the light can shine through it. When you allow this light, present in every situation, present in every character, to carry you, you eventually realize that you are One with this light, and so is everyone else. Recognizing you are One with this light, you are not afraid to look at your parent. Allowing yourself to be carried, you realize that you need not fear punishment. Dropping the fear of punishment, you have no need to blame others. Your only function to be carried by the light, and in so doing, demonstrating to your fellow game players how it is possible to be carried lovingly through the game.

Underneath, untouched by the game, is what you Are. Underneath this game is the always alive, always present connection between you and your parent, a connection that can never be undone. This whole fantasy of gameplay was to pretend for a moment that you could be independent of your parent, but you are a harmonious being, and it is not possible to be what you are not. It is possible to pretend to be what you aren’t, but that is all. Underneath, untouched by the game, is your ever-present connection to all beings playing characters in gameplay.

We welcome you Home to your place in the light, as the light. We invite you to see your fellow beings in gameplay as of the light before you see anything else. Together, you can be carried through this distracting world you made into the peace you know you Are. It is our joy to assist you in the thought transformation that brings this world of Peace into sight.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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