Focus on the Real

Keep your focus upon what is Real. What is Real is one. What is Real is eternally joy-giving. What is Real is Safety itself.

This is your greatest power–your ability to focus. The ego places much emphasis upon the apparent power of the separate one to do. It also places emphasis upon the apparent power of the separate one to reach goals that it has set. The reward for this is temporary satisfaction and a fleeting sense of one’s worth as separate. You can focus upon the temporary or upon the eternal. It is up to you.

Recognize the signal that you are focused upon the unreal. The signal is any feeling of stress or tension. The ego uses these feelings of stress and tension to further instruct you. The ego tells you this: There is definitely a problem or a lack. This must be fixed. Here are your instructions. Your heart tells you this: All is well, and all are loved. Here are your instructions. Remember that all is well and all are truly loved, and you will receive Love’s instructions.

We invite you to look at the body’s signals of unrest, such as the message that you are hungry, or the message that you need sleep. We do not ask you to ignore these signals or fight against them. We do, however, encourage you to take a moment to walk around them and to observe them, as if you are observing a museum exhibit. The signal insists that “you” are hungry or sleepy. It insists that you are a body, and it tells you how to feel. It defines a lack, and it instructs you to take action to end the feeling of lack. Again, there is no need to struggle against the ideas of hunger or sleepiness, but there is always a little time to look and to question. Instead of immediately obeying the signals that tell you what you are and how you feel, take a moment to question: From where does this signal come? What does it truly mean? Sit in the willingness to know all as it truly is. This is all that is needed.

Remembrance of what is Real and what isn’t real–this is your opportunity in every moment. As you ask to be shown the Real in every situation, you resign as the one who obeys ego’s instructions. You wake up to the ever-presence of Love’s instructions, as long as there seems to be a body, as long as there seems to be time. You are always supported, and the power to focus is always yours.

We are eternally patient. When you have decided to follow ego’s instructions, we wait until you are ready to hear Love’s instructions. We always supply what is needed, whenever you are willing to accept it. Think of us as your pit crew. Whenever you remember to glide off ego’s racetrack, we give you everything you need to continue on your journey.

Photo by mosi knife on Unsplash

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