You are ready

When you are hanging on to the logic of the world, you are doing so out of fear. We simply ask you to notice this today. Where are you attached to worldly logic? Where are you clinging to it for safety, which indicates the presence of fear? Only notice.

Fear is something you choose. It seems as if it comes upon you, as if you are victim to it. In truth, you chose to abide in this fear-based world, and you make the choice for fear-based perception. When you choose fear-based perception, you choose fearful experience. The choice for fear-based perception is cause. Fearful experience is the effect.

As you choose again, as you remember that you are doing this to yourself, you allow the world to change from a reflection of fear-based perception to a reflection of love-based perception. It is still unreal, a mirage, but it reflects the Love you Are back to you. This happens at your say-so, so this means that you can’t be distracted by what seems to happen in the world, by the temptation to judge that in any way.

As it is now, you treat physicality as if it is god, as if it is real and more powerful than any being. This thinking needs to reverse to allow the reflection of fear to fade. As you allow the thinking to reverse, you allow the reflection you experience to change. You allow happenings that don’t make any sense according to worldly logic.

To allow miraculous happenings, you must first notice when you are depending on the reality of physicality to provide a reason that everything is okay. You base your sense of well-being on the idea that everything “out there” looks okay enough for you to feel good. This must change, and indeed it is changing. Your sense of well-being must spring directly from the awareness of what you are. If your sense of well-being depends on your judgment of a world built from fear, you will keep yourself trapped in fear by choice.

When you notice how you depend upon a judgment of the physicality to tell you that you are okay, you assist us in clearing your mind to see Truth. We ask you to keep the word ready in mind. When you notice that you are judging a physical world in order to feel okay about something, you are ready. Affirm this to us: I am ready to see things as they truly Are right now. The Truth of What Is–it’s glorious, always. There is no need to shy away from it or fear it. Ask to see, and that is what you will begin to see.

The miracle is experienced in physicality, but it leads you from your dependence on perceiving physicality back to the Real. The miracle springs from the Love you Are and has nothing to do with the laws of your world. Instead of this relentless chain of judgments that keeps you experiencing the same thing over and over again, allow flawed perception to be removed from your mind. There is no reason to fear seeing what is Real. Call upon us often, and we will clear your mind of debris to the extent that you allow it. If you’re intent on being right about something or gaining stability from a definition of something, you’re not allowing it.

Allow everything that happens in your day to be a device for clearing the mind. Wherever fear, judgment or tension arises, you are ready. The fear, judgment and tension have come up into the light that can dissolve them. You are ready to have your mind swept clear of debris. Allow this, and allow the awareness of the Love you Are to return to you. It is our delight to serve you, always and in all ways.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “You are ready

  1. When i say, “I am ready to see things as they are,” everything seems to crumble – like a drama. i am just empty – and i wonder – “i can’t believe i spent so much energy worrying about this.” Ok — i say – “i am ready again to see things as they are” –again, really life is so simple, just smile and be grateful for all these beautiful blessings. Yes, i am ready, to bow down and thank the Universe for being Love. Thank You too Julie….please correct me if i am not understanding this right. Its helped me soooo much – this very moment. I feel free, blessed and grateful. Love and Hugs! 🙂

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