Go within

There is one place where solutions are found. Go within. You will notice that tinkering or struggling on the outer level carries a tension with it. Give thanks that you can feel this tension. Go within and allow all of your solutions to spring from the light center of your heart. When you realize the constant call there is to abide in the heart center, you will cease to have problems. Something that looks like “problem” may seem to happen, but you will not experience it that way because you have learned to stay in the stream of abundance that is your very Self and gives you everything you need for this role.

Allow everything that seems to be outer to spring directly from what is within. This focus is how you learn to stop projecting fictions into the world you experience, allowing a consistent extension of Love instead. You know how you are approaching your role in this healing drama by how you feel. If anything feels off or tense, you’re being called back to the heart center. It’s simply an indicator that you left it. Don’t get distracted by blame or tinkering. Simply return Home, focusing on the blazing light you and all Are, and all decisions will be made by the You that is True–not a personality.

Personalities struggle to get or to avoid. There is no need for you to struggle. You are a blessed child of your Creator, and everything is provided for you–every idea, every seeming physical resource. Simply remember to go in to the heart center to receive this constant flow of gifts that flows through you to All.

When you go within, you are in beautiful communion with All That Is. You can live all of Life this way. You are harmonious with all beings and with every aspect of creation. You can abide in this Harmony and allow the whole of the life story to be dictated from there.

At first this feels like putting someone else in charge because you are accustomed to the struggle and strife of personality control, of thinking that you as a separate one are struggling through life. When you begin to focus more upon allowing everything you do and say to come from the Whole, you experience yourself in a new way, and you trust because the results are always joyful. As you trust this Joy, it becomes easier and easier to abide in the Love you are.

The situations in your life that seem difficult and cause you to pause to go within are training you to live authentically, as you truly Are. Give thanks for these situations. They are only sending you where you want to be.

Eventually, you will come to see that this means nothing bad can happen–only a reminder to go within and to let everything be determined by what you find there. Within, there is no good or bad, no judgment, but there is very clear and reliable guidance. You will come to value just knowing what to do or say, and you will relax into this way of functioning beyond personality.

It is our joy to abide within with you eternally, and it is our honor to serve you as you remember how to return Home.

Photo byย Chelsea shapouriย onย Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Go within

    1. You’re welcome, Stephane. You might find it helpful to try any of the practices here:

      You can also just click the Practices tab for more.

      I find it helpful to have a mantra–a short statement of truth that brings me back when my mind has wandered. I just stop to repeat it silently, and I take a breath with eyes closed if I have the time. When I breathe in, I focus on returning to our shared identity in love. When I breathe out, I focus on allowing inspiration to guide everything.

      You might want to try some of the healing processes offered here:

      Wishing you well, and thanks for your presence here .



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