Your reflection

This message is dedicated to Vi (in the photo), who said, “I loved the mirror, so I licked it!”

You don’t need anyone to believe in you. Sometimes it may seem this way. We encourage you to go into the feeling of this–the desperation, the need to get something in particular from someone, the certainty of lack that the something sought is not there yet. These interlocking beliefs are the perception of separation–a separation which is completely untrue. It is this perception that you are sacrificing in this lifetime. In other words, you are not asked to sacrifice anything real or valuable on this journey–only distorted perception.

The reason that you don’t need anyone to believe in you is that there isn’t anyone else. There are just many reflections of the One, but you seem to see them all differently. The journey you are on allows you to see the Beauty of the One shining forth from each one who appears to be separate, shining forth so brightly that all of their apparent differences fade into nothingness.

Each reflection of the One that seems to cause you a disturbance is an opportunity to heal the mind that projected it–yours. Let’s look at one who doesn’t believe in you and should. This is ego’s story about that one. Ego decided. Ego sent the storyline to you, and you agreed.

That one out there who seems to disturb you or who seems to be not giving you enough is always a beautiful reflection of how you can return Home right now. They always illustrate to you perfectly how you are holding yourself away from the peace of Home.  So let’s say that one doesn’t believe in you. You don’t believe in the power that you are. You don’t believe that everything is okay, right now. You don’t believe that you’re fully supported by the Love always surrounds you. That is the only belief that is lacking.

That one seemingly out there enacted perfectly a role that shows you what your mind is doing. Give thanks for the ability to witness these enactments, to understand their true meaning, to find gratitude for the enactor, and to step forward with a willingness to have your mind cleared of false thought.

The willingness to see the Oneness in all, now–that can bring back reflections of resonance and harmony and people seeming to believe in you. If you’re willing to have true thoughts–and only true thoughts–come to you, if you’re willing to allow all false thought to be swept away, that’s when the world shows you reflections of people seeming to believe in you. When you believe in your Self–your true Self–the outer will reflect that belief back to you.

You don’t want them to believe in a personality. You don’t want to see them as personalities and to need things from their personalities. That is not the address of your happiness. You want to exult in the glory of what they are and to know that they celebrate you equally. When you remember Them–who they really are under the personalities and roles–this seeing and celebrating is possible.

You don’t want to get anything from them. You want them to join you in exulting in what is Real. When you truly exult in what is Real, your reflection can’t help but do the same.

We love seeing our reflection in you, and we celebrate You eternally.

Photo from Julie 💚

2 thoughts on “Your reflection

  1. Thank YOU, Julie.

    Much Love, Vanita

      “Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the worlds.” Rumi                                                           


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