Be troubled no longer

It is important to realize your strength. Your playtime with ego has been about pretending to be weak and separate entities. This healing drama with coronavirus you are experiencing is a way for you to understand how willing you are to believe that weakness is real, that weakness can kill, that killing is real. These beliefs are in the light. You can pick them up and thrust them into the darkness again. Or you can allow them to sit in the light and then watch as they fade and disappear. When those beliefs are gone, you realize that they were never real, and that they trouble you no longer.

It is important to make your strength, the strength you share with all, real in your experience. Your strength heals all and transforms every situation into which you step, every situation about which you think. When you look at another, you see a reflection of how you view your own strength. When you look at another and see weakness or lack, that one is doing you a divine service. That one is letting you know that you are seeing yourself through the lens of weakness, entirely powerless to allow the flow of Love that would heal the world.

This Love will heal the world. The amount of time it takes is up to you. If you prefer to focus on the idea that you and others are weak and vulnerable, you can seem to delay Love’s arrival, but that is all that you can do. Inevitably, the awareness of Love will return to all. There’s no stopping it. You might as well flow along with it.

It is important to notice when you are siding with the idea of weakness or vulnerability in you, in another, in an analysis of a situation. The ego will tell you that seeing weakness and vulnerability gives you the opportunity to fix what is wrong. Ego will keep you hopelessly ensnared in ineffectual solutions to the lacks you keep insisting on seeing. If you are willing to be direct, you can see the strength and abundance in all right now. If you hold this steadily in your sight, you invite evidence of this to show up in your world.

Strength abounds everywhere, in everyone, within every situation. Be willing to see strength, and you will see yourself as you are. Be willing to see strength in others,  and you will seem them as they truly are. When you see all others as they truly are, you are happy. Happiness accepted is happiness shared.

In order to draw upon the strength you are in every situation, you must be still and listen for the Truth. This means you must listen past all thoughts sent by ego. Ego will stop sending packages if you never take them into the house and open them. In order to draw upon the strength you are, you must have the willingness to see all others, without exception, as sharing equal strength with you.

We thank you for finding the willingness to allow what is Real to be reflected back to you. We always see the Light you are, and we hold a mirror up to reflect it back to you. Light is strength, and you will share this strength with all today.

Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash


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