Painting a picture of healing

We invite you to think of the body as nothing today. We know this is provocative, but it is a useful exercise. Bodies merely enact the thoughts you believe. Bodies serve ego when they enact egoic thoughts, and they serve us all truly when they enact true thoughts.
You are not the entity that needs to focus on controlling a body, but when you focus on controlling the thinking, the bodies enact together the drama that ends in joy for all.

When you are trying to control a body,  you are believing the thought, “I control the body.” This is a fundamental lie. The body is not what you control, but you have given yourself the experience of controlling a body. What you control is the thinking. You hear thoughts. You believe thoughts. Bodies enact the thoughts believed. Your job is to understand when  you are hearing a lie and to simply deny belief to lies. Then what bodies enact becomes a reflection of the shining Truth you all Are.

We invite you to see your experience as a picture painted by thought. Each brushstroke is a thought believed. Thoughts can come to you from Beauty, or they can come to you from nothingness. There are only two Sources for thought–one that is sane, and one that is insane. It is up to you whether your experience is a depiction of Beauty or of nothingness.

We are asking you to look at how the picture gets painted. Watch your mind. The thoughts that enter your mind represent suggested brushstrokes. Before you apply paint to canvas through belief, notice how you feel. When you do not feel joyful, you are believing lies and painting a picture of pain. Take the time to return to joy. Say, “No, thank you” to the lies that entered your awareness. Return to joy. Then take up your brush again. Allow Healing to paint the picture of your experience for you.

As the picture is painted, we want you to feel joy. If you feel anything but joy while painting, put your brush down. Return to us, your divine siblings. Take time in contemplation to allow us to assist you in sorting Truth from lies. Truth always helps you see how beautiful and innocent each role player in this healing drama is. Truth always helps you see how you are blessed and loved right now. Lies always increase fear. Take the time to sit with us until you can see clearly how you and all are held in love and safety right now. Feel the joy of that–of the Truth. Then take up your brush again.

We love to assist you as you paint a picture of total healing for all. You inspire us, and we share that inspiration with you. It is our delight to remind you always of the constant flow of love and abundance always available to you.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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