Make sure to wash your minds

When you take your attention from form and judgment of form, putting your attention on the eternal, you are both giving and receiving. Basking in this shining light, there is nothing else but what you are, and what you are, all are. As you stay in the awareness of this light, you share it with everyone, mind to mind. This is very beautiful work and should be valued. It looks like nothing at all, but it is everything.

The Truth in you is the Truth in all others. The Light in you is the Light in all. When you spend time focusing upon what is the same in all, you make the awareness of equality and harmony more accessible to all. You always do a great service for everyone when you focus upon what is Real.

When you place your attention on that inner light, you are receiving from that inner light, that true Self of all. As you receive from all, you give to all, lighting up a pathway of ease and love for them.

Whenever you feel disturbed, it is an alert that your attention has strayed from the eternal to form, and it is giving form some meaning it has never had. Simply return. Return to what is Real, and as you hear judgments from ego, remind yourself that although they may be loud, they have no real substance or power. Ego takes all its power from you. It has no power unless you give it. Instead of giving power to ego, return to the awareness of the timeless and the harmonic. Go in to that light center, and you are automatically sharing what is Real with all of your brothers and sisters across time and space, making seeing through the flimsiness of ego easier for all.

As your attention has been on physical hand-washing lately, allow your attention to come to this spiritual mind-washing, and make it a priority. Each time you wash your hands, remember it is an invitation past fear into the pristine cleanliness of Love, the only thing that is Real. Abide there as you suds and rinse, and that is twenty seconds well spent.

We thank you for allowing us to use facets of your illusion for the freedom of all. All are free right now; it is only in your perception that anything else could seem to be true. We celebrate the truth of your freedom and the clarity of vision you allow when you look past form.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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