Pathway of light

We ask you to focus upon the mind because miracles come from the mind, not the body. You are here to allow miracles. Miracles come from a mind shift shared with others. When you focus on the mind, you can allow shifts in perspective. As you allow these shifts, what you allow is shared mind-to-mind with others. In the wake of this, you share experience that transcends the physical.

The invitation here is to see through the illusion of bodies doing things. Ego depends on your focus remaining at the bodily level. If you turn your focus to the thought level, it becomes easy to see that there are only two kinds of thoughts, and all thoughts sent by ego are lies. Ego is very clever about sending thoughts that distract you into focusing on the bodily level of perception, giving it a reality it has never had. It is a kind of hypnotism. We invite you to break this hypnotism and see through it wherever possible today.

Remember this: You did this to yourself. When we ask you to break the hypnotism, we also ask you to remember that you made ego and that you allow ego’s thoughts to distract you into the hypnotism of body focus. There is no other to blame, and you are not to blame for playing with illusions. There has always been nothing but love for you. Blame is an ego-manufactured illusion, and it has never been real. Blame depends upon the existence of an other, but there is only One.

Minds think thoughts, and thoughts give experience. Remember that mind is the originator of experience. Everything is coming from mind. Thoughts do not come from brains. Brains are part of the illusion. Thoughts come from mind, which has never been physical. The body is a particular experience you have allowed yourself to have, and that is all.

Thought from ego makes illusory experience. You have been playing and playing with thoughts from ego. They are toys. You can put the toys down now. There is no sense in playing with them, no value in believing them and giving them a reality they never had. See this machinery powering down now. It is not needed.

Thought from God, from Truth, from Love–which are all the same thing–light up a path out of the illusion, returning you to full awareness of the Light you and all are and always have been. Whenever you feel tension today, you are wandering in darkness. It is worth the time you take to stop what you are doing, to go within, to request to hear thoughts of Truth, and to follow the pathway of light that appears. Your feelings will tell you where you are. When you are not walking in the light, it is not worth taking a single step. Stop and refocus. You serve all when you do this.

We welcome you Home into our warm embrace. In truth, you have never left it, and we rejoice to see you realizing that Love has always been here for you, no matter what you have chosen to experience. You are safe, you are loved, and you are led.

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