Let everything come from joy

You are called to focus within, upon what is Real. When you focus within, on the Love you are, on the Light everyone has always been, you allow your world to reflect back to you the wonderful Truth of your Being. Think of going within as reprogramming the world. You originally wanted it to show you lies, but now you are ready for Truth to be revealed. At your sincere request, the world can reflect that Truth to you. Go within and rest in joy in what is Real. This is how the reprogramming is done.

When something in the world lights up for you and you are inspired to speak and act, we thank you for acting from inspiration. At other times, we invite you to spend time resting and abiding in the source of that inspiration. Rest and flow, rest and flow. This is the new rhythm of your life. Abide in what is Real, and then act from what is Real. Allow Love to tell you every little thing. You do not need ego to tell you anything.

We ask that you return within to this fountain of inspiration frequently, especially when you hear a thought that disturbs. Every word and every action can come from this very loving place. Allow the reprogramming of your perceived self in order to allow the ease of flowing from inspiration at all times. Inspiration is harmony. Inspiration is unity. It is always there waiting for you, beyond any thought the ego may send.

You are here to express joy in the world. You are connected to an unending source of that joy. You are that unending source. Your job now is simply to allow the removal of any concept that would prevent you from seeing your Source clearly.

You can’t express joy unless you return to joy throughout the day. Let’s use the breath. Each time you inhale, you are returning to the source of joy. Each time you exhale, you are expressing and sharing joy in this world.

We are happy that you can see that all pain is imaginary and can be removed from your experience with your permission. It is our delight to serve you.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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