Shared purity

All have the same level of purity. The events of your life tempt you to believe that the purity of one being is different than the purity of another being. You see levels. You see absence of purity. The truth is that there is only eternal presence, and when you are looking upon the disguising layer of the person, there is a temptation to give that layer positive or negative value and to judge it. What you judge you call forth and ask to happen again. When you judge, you give what you are gazing upon importance, significance, and reality.

If you think that one you call other is impure, it is because the world shows you many varying surfaces. The world shows you many varying surfaces because you wanted to enter a huge distraction. The world is here to distract you away from your guilt. When you are outwardly judging here and there, you are distracted from the guilt you feel. You can face that guilt directly today. As you face it, judging others holds less temptation.

You chose this distracting experience of varying surfaces. If you chose it, that means you can choose again. You can choose to have every moment of embodied experience be guided by the strength and steadiness that shines behind the illusion. Whenever you feel disturbed, you have chosen as your guide the reactivity that comes from judging the illusion. When you are at peace, when you are very happy, you have chosen as your guide the Truth that shines behind the illusion.

You wake up to the Truth that you Are together with all of your divine siblings. As you choose to value the Truth that always shines behind illusion, you make it much easier for others to see this Truth and to allow it to lead.

Within an illusion, you can only see surfaces of varying value. Noticing what you value and what you devalue is a very effective way of discovering how attached you have become to surfaces that you reserve the right to judge. Give up this perceived right, and you have found freedom. Find freedom, and you can share it with all.

Illusions are very tricky. They tempt you to judge, and when you judge your focus becomes very unstable. Keep your gaze upon the purity that blazes equally in all, and that is rest from all your cares. Rest from all your cares shines equally within all of your divine siblings across time and space, without exception. When you choose to rest instead of judging, you can feel your gratitude for what everyone Is.

We shine because we can see that your light has never diminished or wavered.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
I always find Aaron’s photos to be such an inspiration, and I love following him on Twitter – @theaaronburden. 


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