Time to open your presents

You can get plucked out of your dream when you allow it. Every moment of stress, every contraction of judgment, is the old habit of clinging to the dream arising again. You can be still and look right through this.

When you are still dreaming, you can be gradually awakened to the dreamlike nature of what you are experiencing. Take this attitude toward everyone you meet in the physical or in thought. Everyone you meet is here to help you realize the dreamlike nature of what you are experiencing. Every situation in which you find yourself can help you realize the dreamlike nature of what you are experiencing.

As you turn more and more to thoughts from the Whole as a guide, as a reference point, you really begin to see the connection between thought and experience. Judgment keeps you from seeing how thought is related to experience. Judgment always places the individual doer in the center of the stage–analyzing the nature of that doing and that doer. Judgment is busyness that distracts you from what is really here for you. That one in the center of the stage is here to help you. You can judge all the helpers who come to you in so many ways, or you can accept their help.

One of the changes in perception you experience is that you begin to see how you have used the dreaming state as a form of protection. Constant judgment and analysis of anything at all distract you from all the gifts that are offered every day. You have been distracting yourself away from the gifts that would wake you up, but now that you can see this, you can simply open your gifts.

You realize you don’t need any protection from What Is. The temptation to fear anything at all is part of a relentless cycle in which you have been engaging voluntarily. This is not necessary, and all the gifts your divine siblings bring you, all the gifts every situation gives you–all of these gifts show you how very unnecessary it is to accept fear’s invitation.

Today we help you become aware of when fear is extending an invitation. We are by your side as you realize that you can remain still in perfect protection.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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