Discovering love

It is not what you do that makes you lovable. Ego will have you striving to become something that is lovable–something that you can love, something that others can love. What you don’t know when you are listening to ego is that you have already arrived. You Are love itself, and nothing can change that. You are joined eternally with all who seem to be other by love itself, and nothing can change that. What does seem to change is that you become willing to see it.

It is your nature that makes you lovable. There is no such thing as a bad nature. Look deeply enough, and you will see the same shining nature within all. You can only believe you see a bad nature if you have judged, and when you judge you leave the awareness of your unified Self.

All are lovable because all are loved, and all are love. The world was made to keep you forgetful of the Truth of your shared being, but it was inevitable that you would remember. Remembrance spreads like wildfire from mind to mind. Relax into the knowledge that this remembrance can only expand now.

As you truly are, you are joined eternally with all beings. This joining is love. Love is a done deal and cannot be undone. Whenever you are experiencing any disquiet, you are attempting to hide from what is Real. Find your willingness to face what is Real, to remember that it holds no harm for you or anyone, and the Real will become more apparent to you.

Love is not just something you do. It is a discovery to make, an awareness of what you and all are. Once you discover the universal nature of the noun–of what love is, of what you are–you are able to allow its extension out of you in verb form. In other words, your actions become both effortless and loving because you are not struggling to block love.

We extend love to you always because we are not capable of doing anything else. Turn toward us whenever you are engaging in the fantasy that you can be anything other than love, and we will lead you to clarity.

Photo by Micah Hallahan on Unsplash


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