We shine

There is something indisputable, and you can find stability there. There is light in you. The light is truer than any perspective ego would offer about you.

There is something indisputable, and you can find a pathway to light there at all times. There is light in all. If you need to find not-light in someone “other,” you are promoting the lie that there is not-light in you.

There is something that cannot be disputed, and that is the light. It shines even when you argue with it. You don’t need to argue. You can just sit and allow the light to shine. It’s that generous. It’s always there for you. Nothing said or done can ever change it.

Your focus belongs on the light. Any feeling of disquiet means only one thing–your focus has strayed. You are walking amongst lies and picking and choosing which lies to believe. There is no need to waste your time in this way. Return to the simplicity of focus because the way Home should be easy and always available to you and all. It isn’t a trick. The pathway Home is truly available to you and all in each moment. It just takes practice to see it shining there when you have wandered away.

When you notice that your focus has wandered, the noticing is a gift. It is a chance to find ease. The light is always waiting for you, and it is always giving to you. If it is always giving to you, it is always giving to all. All are safe, loved and cared for. The light will show you your role in this journey Home.

We do the same thing you do. We shine. You only have to notice.

Photo by Federico Beccari on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “We shine

  1. Just what I Needed. The Question was, “What Is My Role, as I let go my Ego’s meanderings?” “Where Is My Focus to be Now?” and this Offering from you Provides the ‘Way Through’. It’s still tough to Practice in ‘Daily Life’ (Smile), but is a Wonderful Re-Mind-er to Focus On ‘The Light In All’. . . .Focusing On . . . The Pathway To Light. Thank You. Much Love.

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