Treasure hunt

A vast treasure awaits you. It’s so simple, the work you have to do today. The work you have to do today is the same work you have to do every day, regardless of who you seem to be, where you seem to show up, or what seems to be happening. It is always the same work, and it is always, very, very simple. You can share the joy and simplicity of this work with all by doing the work. When you do this work, it radiates effortlessly out of you, giving ceaselessly to everyone.

Why do you do this work? You do it to discover that you are the treasure, and that everyone shares this identity with you. You do this work until you simply are it, and it doesn’t feel like work anymore.

Simply observe your feelings and follow the trail. Your feelings are so important. Your feelings are every clue on the trail to discovering this treasure. Observing your own feelings is even more important than any attempts to “fix” the feelings you think you see in others. You will only see the importance of this if you practice putting the priority on what you experience as your own feelings. You help everyone maximally by putting your primary attention there, because it is when you have your priorities straight that you are able to accept and share help.

Everywhere there is a not-good feeling, there is a false thought. False thought is a tool you are accustomed to using. False thought keeps the awareness of love out of your experience. Once you see what false thought is and how you use it with intention, you are able to stop doing that. Once you are able to understand that resonance that indicates the presence of false thought, you value this ability and you take advantage of all the opportunities you have to have your thinking set straight.

So an important part of your treasure hunt is finding the thought. When you feel the resonance of a “not-good” feeling, what is one thought attached to that? You only have to find one. One false thought is representative of all the rest. Simply notice.

So now you have the thought. You have identified the thought attached to the “not-good” feeling. You are looking upon the problem. Isn’t it a relief to see this? This, not anything “out there,” not ever, is the problem. Your thoughts cause the world you experience. You are capable of making a powerful illusion. Waking up is about intentionally allowing that illusion to be dismantled.

Now that you are looking at the thought, the problem, the cause of the world you experience, this is where your nonphysical friends can do their work. You are able to feel the joy they are when you allow them to do their work. The thought you were holding up to block out love was blocking the awareness that you are love, that all are love, no matter what roles they seem to playing now.

It is such a relief to see everyone as they are, without their costumes. When you take time to see everyone without costumes, you are better able to appreciate the helpful role their costumes and roles play in your awakening. All of the characters lead you to the exact situations that help you allow false thinking to be undone. Give thanks and rejoice. Your physical friends with roles and costumes are equally helpful as the nonphysical friends who can correct your thought.

Focus in on this today: Nonphysical friends have the ability to correct your thinking. Simply offer us the garbage–the thought you have found that is connected to the not-good feeling. When you offer to us what you do not need, we are able to correct your thinking so you can move through your day in peace. Allow us to do our work today. This is the purpose of your day. With purpose given to you, you find that you have great joy in your purpose and that you are able to move through your day easily.

It is our great joy to bring you the treasure of ease. All you have to do is to allow it.

Photo by Michael Voroshnin on Unsplash

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