Two paths

There is a well-worn path we learn to tread. It is a path worn smooth by thought, by a perspective that one self is inevitably pitted against another, that love is a refuge in the storm of life rather than the foundation of it all.

When we become aware that there is another option–a blossoming, a becoming rather than a striving, a flow with rather than a struggle against, our thoughts may still tread this same old and familiar path of separation, judgment and conflict.

Every time we remember, though, we step off that old path. Over time, as we heal, as we learn to accept ourselves and to appreciate others, that new path does not require conscious thought or strong focus to tread. It becomes the new habit. We have, patiently and steadily over time, though our willingness to feel, to release, to heal, to see clearly, made that path easy to tread.

Still, that original path of blame and judgment has been there for a long time, and we originally associated it with a sense of comfort, with our identity and the identities of others in comparison with us. The muscle memory is still there, in a sense. The thoughts that spring from that path, the path of striving for individual glory or innocence, return to us and almost seem believable. They are temptations.

Then something new happens. Our strength grows. Our power grows. Our vision becomes sharper. Our ability to express love comes more freely and easily. We feel more relaxed, more inspired, more empowered. This power comes from the intent to live in harmony, in alignment with Divine Will. The new path that is becoming easier and easier to tread is the path of Divine Will, and when we’re walking there our actions benefit all and come from love for all, even and especially if some others find them disturbing. Light can disturb, at first.

Then a wonderful thing begins to happen. The old pathway of conflict, judgment and blame begins to grow in. First it’s covered with grass. Still accessible, but obviously not overused. Then small shrubs begin to grow in it, tree seedlings sprout up. It would take some effort to use this path now, and it is clear that it is not worth it. We abandon the path easily and willingly, and eventually it is indistinguishable from the rest of the forest. It’s as if it had never been.

Photo by Jens Lelie on Unsplash

12 thoughts on “Two paths

  1. Thanks, Ryan. My well-worn path is the identity of myself as separate. Within this life story, it came to be because I accepted the belief that I was separate and therefore could be unsupported at any moment. I also accepted the belief that it would be possible for another being to successfully threaten or damage what I am. I accepted that another being could be truly deficient in some way. Because of these beliefs, I learned to hold myself apart from what I perceived as separate beings. I learned to judge them, and I learned to judge myself in comparison with them.

    This experience of feeling truly separate within this earth drama is caused by a choice to use fear for the purpose of seeing. It’s a choice we make again and again, always in innocence. When we know better, we do better.

    That’s the individual human story. If I go way, way “back” (although everything is happening right now, that transcends linear language’s ability to explain) to the first point of choosing fear, there was a curiosity about something other than the harmony. Could we (harmonic beings) experience something other than the harmony we are, that can never be damaged?

    Well, yes. Yes we can. Enter the earth drama experience (and experience within other varied dimensions). Now we are remembering how we intentionally created this and how we chose this, so what we project out into consciousness from effortlessness and love will reflect who we truly are.

    Thanks for asking ❤️️

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  2. This is sooooo beautiful. Just what the doctor – or should i say God ordered for my soul! Thank YOU, beautiful Julie for holding our hands and taking us to the path that has always been, is and will be the only path of sweetness, love, grace and harmony! love, blessings and prayers 🙂

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