Celestial tech support

Imagine this today: You have a group of thousands of benevolent nonphysical beings who are present for you in every moment. You are that worthy. You are that loved. If you seem to crave attention from a world, this is really the attention that will fill that perceived need.

Now look out upon all of your divine siblings and see them surrounded by their teams, totally cared for and supported–that worthy, that loved, their perfection shining clearly. That is your mirror. All are loved, and all are supported because you are loved and supported. There is no one who can fail to have access to what you have, and you cannot fail to have access to what anyone else has. Immediate assistance is available to all at all times.

In any moment in which you feel a “dip” in your system, some feeling of disquiet, it is the job of your nonphysical team to get to work. Will you allow them to work today? They need your permission to go ahead. You know how you allow worldly tech support in by giving them access to your screen and allowing them to make changes to your system? It’s like that with celestial tech support.

We ask you to see your divine helpers as computer programmers today. When you can clearly recognize your problem, and when you can see their function without distortion, you will have no problem allowing them in to assist you. The seeming presence of guilt or anger means that you have delayed having your problem fixed, seeing instead a cause in the world or in one of its inhabitants for your disquiet. In order to access celestial tech support, you must disconnect from the world you see for just a moment. It’s our version of turning your machine off and on again.

When you discover a “bug” in your system, as shown by this feeling of disquiet, your team can fix it as long as you are willing to allow it. We only ask for a moment of recognition from you. Be willing to see that disquiet is never caused by a world. It is caused by a desire to see something that is not there. When you allow us in to fix your bug, we can reprogram your perception so what you think is “out there” disappears, replacing it with a sense of what truly Is. Each time you allow us in to fix a bug, your sense of what truly Is becomes stronger, and your system runs better.

Having a mantra is a helper while you remember to stop and give permission for bug-fixing. Any mantra reflecting a willingness to know truth will do. Here is one of many that will assist you in stopping and allowing us access to your program:
I am willing to see what is Real.

Stop, take a breath, and repeat this to yourself:
I am willing to see what is Real.
This gives us permission to correct the error.

When you find the reason for your bug “out there” in a world, you ignore your team and don’t give us permission to fix the bug. We are not permitted to alter your program without your permission, so that moment of permission is very important to your sense of well-being and your ability to share that perception of well-being with those you call other.

It is our joy to serve you in this way, and as you get into the habit of allowing us to fix bugs wherever they are evident, you will find your greatest joy in serving those you call other.  By shining forth as you Are without distortion, you serve all.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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