Monsters on the transparency

Whenever you become aware of a judgmental thought, remember that it is the ego that sent the thought, and you believe it or not. You are in charge of the thinking, and you are in charge of the believing. The only judgmental thoughts that are your friends are thoughts about how you feel. If you feel bad, you are believing thoughts from ego, and you are misperceiving. If you feel bad, you have an opportunity, right now, to have your perception corrected.

When you perceive a flaw in another being, you are perceiving an unreal overlay upon the being, and that overlay always comes at your request. You request overlays upon beings by believing thoughts from ego. The most important thing you can do is to gain the awareness to not be fooled by the thoughts the ego sends. Remember, the ego began to send thoughts to you at your request so you could have this experience of believing you are physical, of believing that there are real physical others. You made the ego. While the ego will never bring you happiness, it is not your enemy. It is an illusion. The ego cannot be an enemy if it is nothing at all. You have no enemies, and neither does anyone you perceive as “other.”

Forgiveness is looking through the unreal to see the Real. The only purpose you have in this invented physical experience is forgiveness. In any moment, your priority can be about something physical, something unreal, or it can be about seeing through the unreal to the Real–forgiveness. Forgiveness has nothing to do with deciding that someone did something wrong. Beings engaged in wrongdoing is part of the illusion. Forgiveness sees directly through this illusion into the light that is Real, into that which will direct all of your physical experience as you allow it.

Envision an old-fashioned overhead projector. If there is a transparency with monsters drawn on it, you see the monsters. Remove the transparency, and all you see is the undifferentiated light. With your permission, Spirit can use anything drawn upon the transparency, any facet of the physical experience, in the service of the awakening of all. So rather than fearing the facets of your physical world, remember to turn them over to Spirit to use. Turn everything that is unreal over to Spirit, so Spirit can guide everyone out of the unreal. That is the only purpose of what is drawn upon the transparency.

The important thing to remember, anytime the world you see seems to disturb you, is that the world built of egoic thought is transparent and unreal. The light shining behind the world you see is Real, and you always have the option to put your focus upon what is Real. You always have the opportunity to turn perception over to the One of us to use on behalf of the awakening of all.

We shine here to remind you of your true nature. You are not what is drawn upon the transparency. You are that which shines through it.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

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