Held in a song

A song is like a boat you step into willingly. You allow it to carry you. You allow it to move you. You relax into a song, allowing it to hold you and to color your perception for a while. You allow it to teach you its perspective. You listen.

A song can flow and dig deep into hidden hollows as it washes and cleanses and whooshes. When you hear a song, you open up what you try to cover over when you believe you are controlling something. A song can stream into what was closed before, exposing hidden sorrows and washing them away. As the song does its work, tears of pain can turn into tears of gratitude.

A song moves without your direction. The gift it brings comes to you without your management. A song doesn’t require you to try hard. It only asks that you receive.

You give a song permission to take you over–to reach out through your voice, your fingertips, your dance, or just to radiate from-you-to-all-that-is-you in total willingness. You can resist a song, or you can allow a song to do its work. When you allow a song to do its work, you feel happiness, joy, lightness, and peace. Sometimes the song strikes a chord of pain that you didn’t know you were holding onto so tightly, and it gives you the opportunity to have it washed away.

There is a song of thanksgiving and joy, a call to return Home, and it only needs your permission to flow, to show you how you and all are one with it. This song flows ceaselessly, calling you and all Home, and it holds and carries you. Would you like to see how this song holds and carries you today? In seeing how it holds and carries you, you are then able to see how it holds and carries all.

It is our great joy to show you the unending support you have, to show you how you are always carried and held in love.

Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Held in a song

  1. Dang, that was a picture I really understood. I’ve never heard a song described that way, but it was so true. And to then flip that and show how it’s the same process, or the same opening up. That is so much easier for me to understand. Thank you for sharing, Julie and friends!

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