Gentle beams

Every time you perceive a problem, it’s an invitation to remember the miracle. There is an ever-present remedy, and it transforms the way you see things. When you allow this transformed perspective, you are not relying upon the actions of a separate character to fix problems. Look to the miracle first. Go within to find your willingness to allow all things to be shown to you as a reflection of Truth, without the veil of fear covering them up. You may be called to some action, but let it be action that was assigned to you from this place of willingness, not from the place of believing that what the veil of fear shows you is real.

A miracle is the removal of evidence that seems to show you that you are damned. A miracle is a reassurance, showing you that you are upheld, carried, cared for, and loved. It never comes through your struggle. It comes as a gift because you were finally willing to accept it. To accept it is to share it with all. Allowing the miracle means that you are willing to let go of the pain you held onto because you thought it was your safety.

There is no need to seek for answers in the physical when the miracle streams from what is truly stable. Let’s go slowly on this one. You’re still experiencing a body that appears separate. You’re still experiencing a mind that seems to be separate from other minds. You still believe you are moving about in this physical world. However, all of your instructions can come from beyond the physical.

Your instructions can come from two places–Spirit or ego. We show you the way to remembering to rely on Spirit in every seeming circumstance. All of the instructions from ego are designed to support your belief in time and space as real and causative. All of the instructions from Spirit help you to remember what is prior to the illusion of time and space. They help you see that the seemingly separate aspects of what you are imagining are not causative.

The miracle is a beam of light gently illuminating the place where you thought you were, showing you a place of safety. It is a sign that you have let go of fear and have applied to what is Real for assistance rather than enacting a fantasy based entirely upon the unreal. It is a sign that you remember what is Real, and that you are reaching past illusion to invite it in. “Send me a sign,” you say, and the miracle is a signal that all the separate aspects of the world you have conjured have no power over you or any other.

The miracle is directly associated with willingness. Are you willing to allow gentle beams of light to shine into your world today? Are you willing to allow gentle beams of light to shine forth through you, precisely because you-as-a-separate-one are not the one doing it?

Try this on for size if you experience any disturbance today:
I am willing to allow the remedy that streams from Reality.

Take a moment to remember what is Real and what is unreal. Instead of relying upon the fantasy of the separate human to fix what you believe is wrong, just take that moment to remember all of the assistance and inspiration that is here for everyone.

We are here for you. We illuminate. And as you allow the gentle beams of miracles to shine steadily, so do you.

Photo by Valeriy Andrushko on Unsplash

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